10 Reasons You Really Do Need a Live Virtual Receptionist Service

Man talking on the phone with a live virtual receptionist

Though Always Answer has many services with many features, and works in numerous industries, we wanted to be clear, concise, and transparent about the biggest benefits that a live virtual receptionist service provides. Because, though we will cater to your specific needs and create the perfect unique package for you, some benefits are universal and … Read more

A List of Call Center Terminology Every Agent Should Know

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There is a set of specific key phrases and terminology every call center agent should know that is universal and used throughout the industry. FCR (First Call Resolution): The goal or objective of every agent should be to attempt to resolve a customer’s issues on the first call. Blended Agent: This is a person who … Read more

Five Small Business Expansion Strategies

Small Business Expansion Strategies with outsourcing

As your small business grows, you have opportunities to expand your operations and make your business bigger. There are several different expansion strategies you can use to help keep your business growing and still be able to deliver exceptional customer experiences. Establish a customer support call center. Retain the services of an experienced outsourced telephone … Read more

How to Handle Emergency and High Volume Calls

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Managing your customers’ expectations can be challenging during situations where there are emergencies and high call volumes. With emergencies, unless you have an after-hours answering service, you may not even be alerted to a problem until the next day when you start listening to voice mails or checking emails. With outsourced emergency call handling, you … Read more

Services Your Virtual Receptionist Can Provide

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A virtual receptionist functions much like an actual receptionist in your office would. They answer phones, schedule appointments, update your calendar, schedule meetings, make phone calls to customers and clients, provide customer and technical support, route phone calls to other staff members, read and respond to emails, and more. However, there is one major exception: … Read more

Tips for Greener Business Initiatives

Greener Business Initiatives

You may be wondering how important eco-friendly and green initiatives are to your customers. In recent years, as awareness about the environment has grown, so, too, has the number of customers that specifically seek out those businesses which demonstrate they care about the environment. These types of customers also do not mind paying a little … Read more

How to Meet Customer Service Expectations

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To provide your customers with exceptional experiences, whether they are a brand new customer or a returning one, you need to pay attention to their needs. There are different ways in which they will communicate this with you, either through face-to-face conversations, email messages, telephone calls, or feedback left through an online review site. Do … Read more

Why Are Overseas Call Centers Returning to the United States?

Virtual Receptionist

A common trend in the 1990s and 2000s for businesses was to outsource their call centers and telephone answering services to companies overseas in countries like India and the Philippines. However, after the major United States recession in the mid-to-late 2000s, it started to cause a shift in the industry, as U.S.-based businesses questioned more … Read more

The Benefits of Your Own Personal 24/7 Live Agents

Personal 24/7 Live Agents

As you start off the new year, it is important to set both short term and long term goals and objectives you want to achieve to grow your small business this year. Part of normal business growth is hiring new employees to perform a variety of business functions and tasks. However, finding the right people … Read more

The Importance of Bilingual Answering Services

Bilingual Answering Services

In today’s markets, having bilingual or multilingual employees to answer phone calls has become an essential part of doing business. One language that has been growing significantly in the United States is Spanish. Other languages that are becoming more common in the business world are Chinese and Portuguese. Not having a bilingual person to answer … Read more