January 29, 2017

Why Are Overseas Call Centers Returning to the United States?

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A common trend in the 1990s and 2000s for businesses was to outsource their call centers and telephone answering services to companies overseas in countries like India and the Philippines. However, after the major United States recession in the mid-to-late 2000s, it started to cause a shift in the industry, as U.S.-based businesses questioned more than just the cost-effectiveness of maintaining an overseas call center service.

Furthermore, the standard of living and average wages started increasing around the start of the 2010s, meaning foreign workers in certain industries were earning around the same amount of pay as a comparable U.S. worker, especially in telephone answering centers. Businesses were now presented with the option to pay about the same amount and have their outsourced call center here, along with some added benefits.

The additional benefits are related to the rise of customer-driven feedback and social media websites, along with increased customer expectations within the past ten years or so. Customers no longer tolerate being given the “run-around” by businesses and are eager to share unpleasant experiences online on social media sites and customer review sites.

Furthermore, customers are no longer brand-loyal and will “jump ship” to a competitor if they are treated poorly and have an unresolved issue or their customer service experience fails to live up to their expectations. In other words, businesses today have to take into consideration the “human factor” when deciding whether to outsource their answering services and keep them in the United States or overseas.

A U.S.-based call center provides access to people who have a better understanding of English, slang terms, and U.S. culture, compared to overseas firms. This advantage can lead to higher satisfaction with customers, which, in turn, can generate repeat business, word-of-mouth and social media referrals, positive reviews on online review sites, and fewer overall customer service complaints.

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Combined, these bonuses could contribute toward higher sales, increased revenues, and growth. For more information about on-shoring your call center and other benefits of using a U.S.-based service firm, call Always Answer at 1-800-606-9898 now!