The Importance of a Reliable Event Registration System

person on their phone with Event Registration Systems

Some of the biggest problems of event planning are data accessibility and time wasted on post-event work. If a company wants a successful event, you must have a proper registration system, which means gathering data in advance without follow-up emails.  A few negative experiences can prevent customers from attending the event. Ticketing, lack of first … Read more

The Benefits of Call Center Services for Startups

Call Center Services for Startups

According to a Deloitte study, businesses that put their clients first are 60% more profitable than their counterparts. This shows how important it is for businesses to be client-centric, which applies especially to startups. In a competitive market, one subpar experience with you and a customer can easily jump ship. As such, you need to … Read more

Call Center Trends to Watch Out for in 2022

Call Center Trends in 2022

Call centers have undoubtedly been significant contributors to the economy, even during the upheavals stemming from the pandemic. Some specialists go as far as calling them heroes, as they kept up with the work supporting an online retail and eCommerce industry that had inflated massively. Call centers have had to adapt and become more efficient … Read more

5 Factors to Consider Before Outsourcing to a Call Center Agency

Outsourcing to a Call Center Agency

Not all call centers are created equal — some are better suited to your needs. Before you partner with an agency, assess these key considerations to ensure you outsource your customer service to the right call center.  The Complexity of Your Calls The calls that companies receive vary in complexity. Some types of calls require only … Read more

5 Expert Ways Your Business Can Manage Call Spikes

business managing Call Spikes

High call volume is when your business receives more calls than it typically does. And all businesses with phone customer service or technical support departments will experience unexpected spikes in call volume at some point in time.  If your business is not equipped to handle a call surge, you risk customer dissatisfaction as well as … Read more

Call Answering Service VS Virtual Receptionist Service

woman on the phone with a Call Answering Service

Live virtual receptionists can take away a lot of time-consuming work for your employees – like callers having simple questions about hours, directions, sales, pricing, or other general inquiries. That is why using a virtual receptionist service can be highly helpful for your business efficiencies because this leaves you time to finish your main duties … Read more

Why Testimonials Matter for Answering & Call Services

Woman talking on the phone for testimonials

Testimonials are more than just words on a page, because testimonials aren’t a part of traditional marketing efforts. Instead, testimonials are a direct reflection of actual service and customer care. In many ways, testimonials are actually the other side of the coin from traditional marketing. Traditional marketing says ‘look how amazing my answering service or … Read more

Call Center Services for Your Small Business

Call Center Services from Dallas Call center

The right call center services can be the best resource for your small business. It can save you the stress and resources of extra staffing and maintaining a larger payroll, purchasing computer equipment, expanding your telephone system, paying more in building utilities, overnight security, and all the other fees that sneak up on you by … Read more