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Live Message Delivery

While we like to boast about our equipment, it always goes back to the people who process your business calls. Our dispatch team is here to abide by your relay instructions. After each call has been screened using your criteria, our skilled dispatcher will contact you, or your on-call personnel, live over the phone to ensure the message is delivered.

A typical dispatch scenario would be to call your on-call person live. If there is no answer, we will leave a message asking them to return our call. If we do not hear back within a predetermined timeframe, our dispatch team will then proceed to the next step per your instructions.

Some calls require prompt attention and cannot wait for a response from you or your on-call team. Whether it is a new lead with no call back number available or a life-threatening emergency, Always Answer also offers live patch service. This tool allows us to keep the caller on the line and contact you in order to connect the call.

Live message delivery can be used in conjunction with email, text and fax delivery. Always Answer is committed to superiority and works toward your complete satisfaction.

If you prefer the personal touch of a live, pleasant person on the other end, then Always Answer is your answer.

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