December 29, 2023

Benefits of a Call Center for Property Management

woman cc agent on call - call center for property management

The job of a property manager never ends. 

Calls about broken pipes, leaky faucets, or vandalized properties can come at any hour of the day. It’s never-ending and the worst part is that keeping up with everything is impossible. 

After all, you need to sleep eventually.

These issues are worse because most of them require immediate attention or response. You can’t keep up but a call center for property management can.

A call center for property management is like an engine block that always runs. It’s what you need to meet the demands of your property management business. In this post, we will explain what a call center for property management does and how it benefits you.

What a Call Center for Property Management Does

To better understand what benefits a call center for property management can offer you, we should first go over what exactly such a call center does. 

Traditionally, call center services have been employed to handle a large influx of calls. The extent of these services never went beyond listening to a customer’s complaints and then attempting to address them.

However, over the years call center services have slowly upgraded their capabilities and what they offer. 

It is no longer unheard of to have a call center that can offer you custom script and greeting capabilities. Despite this, one issue with your average call center for either mortgage brokers or property management still remains.

Flaws of Most Call Centers

Most call centers use AI chatbots, automated response systems, and live agents not based in the United States for their main workforce. The issue here is that callers understand that AI and automated response systems are nowhere near helpful. 

In addition to that, foreign live agents simply don’t have a grasp of the English language nor do they understand the customs of the country to properly address caller concerns.

Benefits of the Best Call Center for Property Management

The current problems with most property management call centers are clear. However, there is one answering solution that directly addresses all of these issues. Always Answer is the premier answering solution in the United States.

They’ve managed to carve out this position thanks to a continued commitment to offering quality services. The core of the benefits that they offer is centered around their laundry list of features. 

Simply put, they have all the features and core services needed to assist any real estate or property management business they are asked to service. 

Enhanced Customer Service With Bilingual Live Agents

Always Answer’s bilingual agents speak both English and Spanish fluently. These are the two most prominent languages in the United States and most of the world. These live agents also have training and equipment for the latest translation software. This gives them the ability to support more than 170 languages.

The language support includes instant call response and text/SMS messaging. Always Answer was able to serve their clients around the world with this feature.

Around the Clock Support With 24/7 Live Agents

Another key feature that sets Always Answer apart from its competitors is the availability of its agents. These live agents can support most of the world’s languages and they are available around the clock. This means they work seven days a week and 24 hours a day.

The result is that your property management business always has attention. No singular person could ever compete with that level of availability, even with the most efficient schedule.

A man CC agent on call

Data Collection With Customer Surveys

Customer surveys are a great way to understand your tenants and clients. Unfortunately, designing survey questions, picking the right questions, and asking them to all relevant individuals are both time-consuming and costly.

Surprisingly, Always Answer has a full survey service for its call center clients. This service includes:

  • Formulating a set of questions.
  • Creating an effective survey with you.
  • Calling your customer base and carrying out the survey with live agents.
  • Sending you the relevant data.

Instant Communication With Live Call Transfer

Always Answer can send a live call your way instantly if you request it. You can either tell the service which calls you want to address directly or join an existing call and take over.

Live call transfers have no extra cost for your business or the caller. The transfers are seamless and without a long wait period to patch through those involved.

The Price of Not Having a Call Center for Property Management

We’ve gone over all the benefits that a call center for property management offers but we’ve yet to consider how things may play out if you continue working without one. For starters, you can expect to keep missing calls. All you can do is hope that whatever call you missed is not important.

You’d also be missing out on the data collection and analysis capabilities of Always Answer. Without the service, you’d be missing the established framework and manpower required to carry out a mass survey.

In fact, not only would you be missing the live agents required to carry out a survey but you would no longer have the 24/7 availability of trained live agents. 

Without them, you wouldn’t be able to:

  • Properly address tenant issues or complaints.
  • Be able to have all your calls answered after hours.
  • Quickly respond to any emergency.
  • Upgrade your data collection capabilities.

The price of not having a call center for property management is too high to ignore. Severe limitations to tenant support and data collection are the two main downsides of forgoing the use of a call center for property management.

FAQs About Call Center for Property Management

Below we have taken the most commonly asked questions pertaining to call centers of this kind and answered them. Keep in mind that as the premier call center for property management, Always Answer will have many features that other services lack.

Can Maintenance Issues for My Rental Properties Be Reported Through a Call Center?

Your tenants can report a maintenance issue or their tenant complaints by calling the number that Always Answer provides you with. They will then be asked to provide whatever details you have deemed relevant such as their name, property address, and a description of the issue. Our team will create a maintenance ticket and dispatch it to you in a timely manner.

Can a Call Center for Property Management Help With Applications?

Of course, all that will be required is that you work with our live agents to determine which calls warrant further action and which calls require no follow-up. This is done by developing a set of questions that our live agents can then ask each caller. Depending on the answers to said questions a call will be either followed up on or not.

How Can Our Property Management Business Integrate the Services of the Call Center to Improve Overall Operational Efficiency?

Integrating the call center services into your property management operations enhances efficiency by providing a centralized communication hub. This ensures prompt responses to:

  • tenant queries
  • streamlined maintenance workflows
  • and updated documentation

Contributing to a more organized and responsive property management system.

Get the Best Call Center for Property Management in 2024

Always Answer is more than just a call center for property management. It is a complete customer support and answering solution for property management. It has the features and trained live agents you need to grow your business and improve customer support.

Contact us today to learn how to improve and streamline your property management operations. Click here if you want to learn more about what Always Answer offers.