December 19, 2023

How a CPA Call Center Can Benefit Your Business Even After Tax Season

CPA Call Center Agents

Any CPA practice can get inundated with calls from people with tax-related inquiries during and around tax season. These inquiries include:

How can they reduce their tax bill? Do they qualify for a deduction? What deductions should they prioritize?

These serious questions can often lead to new clients. However, handling your current clients and addressing these profitable opportunities are time-consuming and nearly impossible. Not to mention that you can help better position new and current clients for next year’s taxes in the off-season.

You need a CPA call center to take advantage of all of these opportunities and give your current clients the respect and attention they need. A CPA call center can help your practice flourish even after tax season has passed. Let’s discuss how.

The Price of Not Having a CPA Call Center

Before we get into the specifics of call centers, we should first consider the general effect of missing a call. A study published in the Journal of Hospice and Palliative Nursing found that over a six-month study period, a hospice agency received 1596 after-hours calls.

That number averages to around 266 missed calls a month! When broken down further, the number of average calls missed per day is around 8 calls. It’s clear that a majority of calls a business or CPA practice can receive usually go unanswered. 

Even with conservative estimates, each call could be costing you new clients and billing hours. However, the price of not having a mortgage broker or CPA call center goes further than just that.

During Tax Season

Both those doing their taxes and those assisting them face a mad dash during tax season. Unfortunately, only so many people can move through the door of a small CPA practice. The time and attention that these cases require make assisting your clients even more difficult.

One incoming call can break your focus and make you miss a detail. Then suppose you answer the call and a potential new client engages you in a lengthy conversation. The current client that you are assisting will not appreciate being put on hold.

Your clients will see your CPA practice as reputable when you make them feel that: 

  • You took the time and care needed to make them the most money. 
  • You did not miss any crucial details that might cause issues. 
  • You focused completely on their case.

You won’t be able to make your clients comfortable or properly address the caller if you worry about incoming calls every time you sit with a client. You are not only missing out on new clients who are calling in but also making your current clients feel unimportant, which is not a recipe for success.

After-Tax Season

The hard work of a financial advisor or CPA practice doesn’t end once tax season has come and gone. In fact, for any CPA practice, the off-season can be the best time for growth and getting new clients. 

This is because during the off-season, you can help other businesses and even law enforcement with the following:

  • Payroll Duties
  • Bookkeeping
  • Forensic Accounting

Accessing any of these new opportunities will require aggressive outreach. This can be done with help from a complete answering solution. Alternatively, you could also spend the off-season training and preparing your existing clients to better handle the coming tax season.

A CPA call center can help you contact existing clients and set up appointments to discuss the coming tax season and as mentioned before a complete answering solution can help you with the aggressive outreach needed to expand your practice into new areas.

That complete answering solution can be none other than Always Answer.

CPA Experts

Always Answer: What the Best CPA Call Center Exclusively Offers

Always Answer is the premier insurance and CPA call center solution. They managed to attain this post by having the trained technical staff needed to handle complex issues and information. Not only do Always Answer’s live agents offer bilingual answering services but they are trained in using the latest translation software which gives them the ability to provide language support to more than 170 languages.

In addition to the aforementioned, as discussed earlier, Always Answer can assist you with any outreach campaigns that you may be planning. They can do so via the following features.

Customer Support

Always Answer has call centers based in Dallas, Texas. These call centers can be used for any customer support tasks. Your customers can place orders and even book appointments over the phone without any need for you to drop whatever it is that has your attention.

By clearing up this immense amount of administrative load, you can better focus on whatever case or pivot will bring your practice more success. Because these live agents are based in the United States, they are familiar with the language and customs that your clients are accustomed to.


Surveys are a great way to learn and understand what it is that your clients desire from or like about your CPA practice. This can help you better tailor your services to their wants and needs. Always Answer can work with you to develop a set of questions designed to extract valuable information from your clients and customers.

Once a set of survey questions has been developed, they will then call all of your existing clients and begin asking said questions. Any information gathered is then sent directly to you so that you can use it for planning out your next business strategy or focus.

Employee Screening Services

Finding the right kind of people to build your team around is far too difficult to accomplish while juggling the needs of your average CPA practice. Fortunately, Always Answer does offer employee screening services.

These employee screening services utilize dynamic scripting software to help design a call flow that’ll single out potential employees who can help your practice grow. 

This is how it works:

  • Always Answer sorts through potential hires, selecting only those that fit your criteria.
  • The information of these individuals is then sent over to you.
  • You can then decide to take a call from these individuals or move on to the next candidate.

FAQs About CPA Call Centers

For all the wonderful benefits that a CPA call center can bring you, the subject of what one service offers over the other is rather complex. This is why we have answered the most commonly asked questions about CPA call centers below. 

How Can a CPA Call Center Help Me With Tax-Related Queries?

Always Answer can provide expert advice on tax matters, assisting with tax planning, deductions, and filing inquiries so long as the custom script you give us includes this information.

Whether you’re an individual seeking personal tax guidance or a business navigating complex tax regulations, our certified professionals are here to provide accurate and personalized assistance.

Do I Need to Visit the CPA Office, or Can Everything Be Handled Over the Phone?

The beauty of our insurance and CPA call center is that most services can be efficiently handled over the phone. From consultations to document submissions, we aim to make financial assistance convenient for our clients. However, in-person meetings can be arranged if necessary or preferred.

How Do I Ensure the Security of My Financial Information When Using Your Services?

We prioritize the security and confidentiality of your financial information. Our systems adhere to stringent security protocols, and our staff undergo regular training on data protection. Additionally, we use secure channels for communication and implement encryption technologies to safeguard your sensitive data.

Best CPA Call Center for You for Taxes & Beyond

Experienced live agents make up Always Answer. They understand the complexities of running a business. That is why they can follow any custom script that you give them. You can use their abilities to turn the off-season into a perfect time to prepare your current and new clients for the coming tax year.

Contact us if you are ready to make the most of the off-season and prepare for the coming tax year. You can click here if you want to learn more about the kinds of services that Always Answer offers.