Virtual Receptionists: Ways They Can Improve Customer Loyalty for Your Company

Virtual Receptionists on the phone for customer loyalty

According to the Harvard Business Review, investing in new customers can be anywhere from 5 and 25 times more expensive than retaining existing ones. This is especially true now that the link between companies and customers is closer than ever because of the internet and social media. Having a team of virtual and remote receptionists … Read more

Take That Vacation! Happy Holidays from Always Answer

Happy Holidays in an answering service business

You need a vacation. And it is perfect timing with the holiday season unfurling all around us, but just because you’re on vacation that doesn’t mean your business has to stop too! With Always Answer, your virtual receptionist can handle all calls, questions, and communications with your customers – even as you unplug on your … Read more

6 Signs to Look for When Hiring a Virtual Answering Service for Your Business

man walking out of a business on the phone with a virtual answering service

Deciding if your business needs a virtual answering service might not be a difficult choice but choosing a call center to provide your needed services sure can be! That is why Always Answer wanted to bring you our handy list of the 6 signs you should be looking for when hiring a virtual answering service. … Read more