The Costs of Hiring a Virtual Receptionist vs. an In-House Receptionist

Virtual Receptionist on the phone

Running a business means having teams of people attend phone calls, messages, appointments, and everything in between. Without a team to do all of these tasks, you might be at your wit’s end. That’s when virtual receptionists’ services come in more than handy. Of course, some businesses prefer hiring an in-house receptionist. Namely, there are … Read more

Virtual Receptionists or Answering Services: How To Choose?

Virtual Receptionists or Answering Services on a cell phone

When you’re interacting with a prospect or a returning customer, especially when they’re inquiring about sales, it’s important to direct all your attention to them. At that moment, they are your most important customer. And if they feel valued, they’re more likely to keep coming back! However, it’s understandable that you might not have the … Read more

Virtual Receptionists: Ways They Can Improve Customer Loyalty for Your Company

Virtual Receptionists on the phone for customer loyalty

According to the Harvard Business Review, investing in new customers can be anywhere from 5 and 25 times more expensive than retaining existing ones. This is especially true now that the link between companies and customers is closer than ever because of the internet and social media. Having a team of virtual and remote receptionists … Read more

5 Qualities to Look for in a Remote Receptionist

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Entrepreneurs will agree that the early stages of business growth can be incredibly taxing. More often than not, if you own a small business or startup, you’re the one in charge of everything – even receptionists work like taking all the calls and scheduling the appointments. Instead of doing everything yourself, delegating these and other … Read more

When Should You Hire a Virtual Receptionist?

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From accounting to email responses, lots of business processes today can be fully automated. Companies big and small are investing in these automation services so they can free up workers to do more important tasks. Still, sometimes employees and even C-level executives take on too much and wear too many hats. While these efforts can … Read more

Take That Vacation! Happy Holidays from Always Answer

Happy Holidays in an answering service business

You need a vacation. And it is perfect timing with the holiday season unfurling all around us, but just because you’re on vacation that doesn’t mean your business has to stop too! With Always Answer, your virtual receptionist can handle all calls, questions, and communications with your customers – even as you unplug on your … Read more

Remote Work & Virtual Receptionist Services

Remote Work & Virtual Receptionist Services on a phone

Many companies have moved to remote work due to COVID-19 and trying to slow the spread, and though working from home may be safer for many, it can be difficult for some professions. Homes are noisy, have distractions, and with students often learning from home as well, it can be hard to be on the … Read more

What Does a Live Virtual Receptionist Service Do?

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Live virtual receptionists can take away a lot of the busywork you or your employees often have to wade through. This leaves you time to finish your main duties and focus on your most important functions – like providing excellent service and products to your customers or clients! Whether you are an independent contractor who … Read more

Take Your Office Anywhere with Live Receptionist Services

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Live receptionist services (or a virtual receptionist) performs the same tasks as your in-house receptionist, but of course, they work remotely, or virtually. They can handle incoming calls, take messages, transfer calls, make outgoing calls, book appointments, remind clients and patients of appointments, and more! And in the era of COVID-19 when you may or … Read more

Safety Features of Virtual Receptionists

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Call centers handle a large amount of confidential customer data regardless of what industry you are in. From helping customers with technical support to processing orders by phone, even medical answering services, or scheduling appointments, your virtual receptionist needs to operate with safety and data confidentiality first and foremost in their mind. Because of access … Read more