Maximizing Productivity With a Legal Answering Service


A potential client lost, an emergency unattended, or a current client unsatisfied is what any call that comes in after hours means. That’s how your legal firm most likely operates right now, which is troubling because hundreds of after-hours calls go unanswered every year, according to a study conducted by the Journal of Hospice and … Read more

Don’t Wait to Enlist the Help of a Legal Call Center

image of a group of lawyers around table talking showing better efficiency when you hire a legal call center

The success of your law firm greatly depends on how you build new and existing relationships with your clients. The industry requires responsible management and operations that run smoothly. If you have a law firm, you may find yourself struggling to offer your clients the best possible services while also managing administrative tasks. A legal … Read more

Answering Services: How They Can Benefit Your Law Firm?

Answering Services for Law Firms in Texas

The success of a law firm greatly depends on how accessible you are to your clients. There are currently 1.3 million lawyers in the United States, and even though a quarter of them are based in New York and California, people across the country can easily call another lawyer nearby if you don’t pick up. … Read more

4 Industries That Benefit from 24 Hour Answering Services

man talking on the phone with 24 Hour Answering Services

Just as not all answering services are created equal – neither are all industries when it comes to their need for round-the-clock coverage! If you work in an industry that has high call volumes, important or time-sensitive calls, then you need 24 hour answering services! Luckily, Always Answer has experience working in a wide range … Read more

Industries That Need Live Answering Services

woman on the phone with medical Live Answering Services

Always Answer offers a wide range of live answering services such as alarm monitoring, emergency dispatch, 24/7 live agent, receptionist, and web on-call scheduling. And we offer so many diverse services because we work with so many diverse industries, each with their own needs and goals. We provide live answering services to the healthcare industry, … Read more