March 17, 2022

Answering Services: How They Can Benefit Your Law Firm?

Answering Services for Law Firms in Texas

The success of a law firm greatly depends on how accessible you are to your clients. There are currently 1.3 million lawyers in the United States, and even though a quarter of them are based in New York and California, people across the country can easily call another lawyer nearby if you don’t pick up. These missed opportunities could be what you need to gain a new client and boost your credibility.

Attorneys and legal advisors often choose live answering services as a way to remain accessible to clients even after office hours. An answering service can handle large call volumes around the clock. It also fills the gaps when your staff is away from their desk, taking a sick day, or on vacation.

Always Answer walks you through the various benefits of answering services for law firms.

Never Miss Calls with After-Hours Answering Services

If you invest in call answering services, you’ll have a virtual receptionist to take your calls around the clock. Although callers might not be able to speak with an attorney immediately, they’ll gain peace of mind knowing that someone is addressing their concerns and redirecting their calls to the right people.

With an answering service, you’re establishing business continuity. You’ll never miss calls and risk losing new clients. And all callers will have the assurance that their case is heard and will be taken care of.

Maintain Professionalism with Client Call Filtering

In any busy law firm, there’s always a chance of missing important calls and losing voicemails from clients. But with an answering service, someone will filter calls according to priority. As a result, you remain focused on your job.

Professional operators make sure you’re not distracted by phone calls. They take those calls and forward the urgent ones to you. Your law firm maintains a high level of efficiency and professionalism.

Address Client Needs with Customized Call Services

The operators in charge of your live answering service are trained and experienced with law terminology. They can categorize calls based on each client’s concern and case type. Callers will have peace of mind knowing they’re talking to someone knowledgeable about their case.

Another advantage of call services is you can customize them based on business needs. You’ll also have significant cost savings because you’re only paying for the service, not the total cost of in-house staff.

Stay Competitive in the Legal Industry with Call Answering Services

The competition among law firms is fiercer than ever. It all boils down to how you interact with clients and whether your services exceed their expectations. One way you can ensure client engagement and satisfaction is by making sure someone is always available to take their calls and transfer them to you.

Consider investing in an answering service for your current and potential clients. It’s like having a virtual receptionist to handle all client calls so that they don’t have to leave a voicemail or wait on hold.

Always Answer provides law firms with live answering and virtual receptionists services. Our trained and experienced operators make sure you never miss a call from existing and prospective clients.

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