August 21, 2020

4 Industries That Benefit from 24 Hour Answering Services

man talking on the phone with 24 Hour Answering Services

Just as not all answering services are created equal – neither are all industries when it comes to their need for round-the-clock coverage! If you work in an industry that has high call volumes, important or time-sensitive calls, then you need 24 hour answering services!

Luckily, Always Answer has experience working in a wide range of industries, so we understand what you need and exactly how to provide for your unique answering requirements.

From healthcare to legal, real estate to insurance, and more, we have the experience and expertise you need to make your business a success in your specific industry! We can provide 24 hour answering services that cater to your specific needs – but which industries need full-coverage the most?

Let’s see!

1. Law Firms & Legal 24 Hour Answering Services

Legal services are not only time-sensitive, but often emotional and need a kind, knowledgeable, and caring voice on the other end of the line. And when every call is a potential client and more revenue for your law firm, Always Answer wants to make sure you never lose a potential client due to not being able to answer their call.

This is the exact reason that every legal office or law firm needs 24 hour answering services – to never miss a call or a client, again!

Always Answer offers a range of services developed specifically to meet the needs of our lawyers and law firm clients. We have over 30 years of experience in the legal industry and answering your current and new clients’ calls.

2. Insurance & 24 Hour Answering Services

Whether you have a small or large insurance firm, we can provide the 24 hour answering services you need to connect with your clients and always be there for their questions, concerns, and needs.

Always Answer provides packages that perfectly match your business needs, budget, and goals. From 24 hour receptionist services to simply having a friendly live voice on the other end of the line for claim processing all day (or night) long, we know that having someone ready to answer your calls at any time is important for the quality of your insurance company.

Make sure your clients are covered on the phones and in real life with Always Answer and our industry-specific 24 hour answering services for insurance.

3. Property Management 24 Hour Answering Services

Our 24 hour answering services for property management don’t just make your office run better, they make your renter experiences better too! We know that the happier your tenants or clients are, the better your business will run, and the larger it will grow! And we want to help you grow by making sure your callers are always taken care of, whether its in the middle of the afternoon on a weekend or the middle of the night.

We offer all the 24 hour answering services your property management or real estate business needs, without all the runaround, paperwork, and confusion. Plus, we have the experience you expect when it comes to handling property management calls. We have specialized experience in the following categories:

  • Apartment Communities
  • Commercial Buildings
  • HOA Management
  • Real Estate Firms & Agents

We pride ourselves on always making sure that our property management 24 hour answering services give you the ease you want, the price you want, and the customer care your renters or clients deserve!

Whether you work with apartments, commercial buildings, HOAs, or are a real estate agency looking to have your calls answered and organized, we have been working within your industry for over three decades!

4. Healthcare 24 Hour Answering Services

The spotlight is on healthcare lately, which means more calls, more questions, and more clients!  Take the waiting-game out of the equation with a 24 hour answering service that is specifically made for you and your healthcare practice.

The medical field isn’t like many other industries due to HIPAA compliance and additional guidelines and laws, so make sure you choose an answering service that can handle the added responsibilities.

Turn to Always Answer and let us show you and your patients the difference in choosing a 24 hour answering service with experience in your specific field! We have experience working with:

  • Dentists
  • Medical testing centers
  • Family physicians
  • Home healthcare providers
  • Hospice
  • Pharmacies
  • General doctors
  • Medical specialists

We know that every patient who forgets their appointment loses your medical office money, which is why we also offer scheduling and confirmation services for your appointments, so you’ll never have forgotten or missed appointments again.

24 Hour Answering Services from Always Answer Are Here for Your Industry!

Through active listening, engagement, and years of experience and expertise, we have developed 24 hour answering services that perfectly mesh with your industries.

And whether your industry was listed above, on our Industries page, or even if you are completely new, Always Answer can surely create the perfect 24 hour answering service plan for you, your budget, and your callers. After all, it’s in our name – we are personalized specifically for you and your goals.

Try us free for 7 days, get pricing, or contact us to learn more.