May 18, 2020

Industries That Need Live Answering Services

woman on the phone with medical Live Answering Services

Always Answer offers a wide range of live answering services such as alarm monitoring, emergency dispatch, 24/7 live agent, receptionist, and web on-call scheduling. And we offer so many diverse services because we work with so many diverse industries, each with their own needs and goals.

We provide live answering services to the healthcare industry, ad agencies, legal and law firms, government agencies, insurance companies, real estate groups, transportation, and safety/alarm services. But which industries need live answering services the most?

Easy – the ones who need to be there for their clients around the clock, and the ones whose calls equate to business. Here are some of the top industries that need 24/7 live answering services to grow their business and their success!

Insurance Industries

Regardless of the size of your insurance company, Always Answer provides packages to meet your business goals. From needing 24/7 live receptionist services, to your initial front-line claims center for processing around the clock, even scripting or training – having someone ready to answer your calls at any time is important for your insurance industry.

Always Answer provides a wide range of services to fit perfectly with your insurance outfit, big or small. Because insurance claims and calls don’t just happen from 9-5 Monday through Friday, in fact, they rarely do!

Make sure your clients are covered, and always able to reach you, with Always Answer and our industry-specific services.

Law Firms & Legal Live Answering Services

Legal services are in high demand – and that’s good for your law firm, but it can make it tough to keep up with calls, messages, all while being present in meetings and hearings.

We don’t want you to lose a potential client due to not answering their call. Because if you don’t answer, odds are that potential client will simply call another legal firm. Using our legal live answering services can be the perfect solution!

Always Answer offers a huge range of services developed specifically to meet the needs of our lawyers and law firm clients. We also have over 30 years of experience in legal calls.

From receptionist services to emergency dispatch – we are here for you, your law firm, and your clients.

Property Management Industries

Our property management services don’t just make your office and job run smoother, it makes your customers’ and renters’ experience better too!. We offer all the live answering solutions your property management or real estate business needs, without all the runaround.

Plus, we have the experience you expect when it comes to handling property management calls. We have specialized experience in the following categories:

  • Apartment Communities
  • Commercial Buildings
  • HOA Management
  • Real Estate Firms & Agents

Whatever your unique property management industry and call center needs, one of our highly-trained customer care associates will work closely with you to create an apartment, commercial, or real estate live answering service plan that fits those needs.

We pride ourselves on always making sure that our property management live answering services give you the ease you want, the price you want, and the customer care your callers deserve!

Healthcare Industries

A lot of area hospitals and healthcare facilities are busy not only with patients, but with calls and questions. This means that often, if the call volume is high enough, either your patients are waiting or your calls are waiting!

Take the waiting out of the equation with a live call answering service catered specifically to your healthcare or medical practice. You need the expert medical answering services that are HIPAA compliant and designed to support your effectiveness – not just any answering service. So turn to Always Answer and let us wow you and your callers with our bedside manner!

Among the many medical professionals who rely on our medical, healthcare, and doctor answering services are:

  • Dentists and dental clinics
  • Medical testing centers
  • Family physicians
  • Home healthcare providers
  • Hospice
  • Pharmacies
  • Doctors and other medical specialists

Tech Industries & Answering Services

Web hosting services, software developers, hardware manufacturers, and support consultants have to be there when their callers need them – but what if they are out of the office, in a meeting, or on another call? That is exactly where Always Answer and our live answering services come into play!

When it comes to computer software and hardware, it is not a matter of if it will go down, but when. And if it happens to go down when you are not in the office or unable to get to your phone, you might have some large customer problems to deal with later on! Always Answer understand the urgency for a disaster recovery option and immediate answers.

Imagine if your caller needs tech support and has to wait on the line for 2 minutes, 5 minutes, or even longer! Their demeanor, once you get on the line, might be much more difficult than if they were to immediately reach someone and get the help they need. And the same goes for hosting services or software questions. Make sure you are taking care of your customers from their first ring to their last need with Always Answer. 

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