October 7, 2021

Virtual Receptionists: Ways They Can Improve Customer Loyalty for Your Company

Virtual Receptionists on the phone for customer loyalty

According to the Harvard Business Review, investing in new customers can be anywhere from 5 and 25 times more expensive than retaining existing ones. This is especially true now that the link between companies and customers is closer than ever because of the internet and social media.

Having a team of virtual and remote receptionists can help your business by letting you focus on other essential tasks. They are also the key to building and maintaining customer relationships. This article will explain some of the ways virtual receptionists can help improve customer loyalty.  

1. Virtual Receptionists Can Collect & Send Data to Your CRM

In this day and age, data is at the heart of everything. Your customer’s success can sometimes depend on the kind of data you have. Virtual receptionists are one of your best sources of customer-centric data available.

A virtual receptionist can collect, compile, and send caller information to your customer relationship management (CRM)software. This kind of information can help your team figure out ways to improve the customer experience.

Data from virtual receptionists go beyond basic information like names and phone numbers. They can take call notes, descriptions of their problems, and even customer disposition.

Customers love being given more than they expect. With the correct information, a virtual receptionist can handle returning customers with efficiency and empathy. Providing outstanding customer experiences can do wonders for customer retention and your brand. 

2. Virtual Receptionists Keep Your Callers & Customers Engaged

Customer engagement is more critical than ever. Customers now expect companies that they support to listen and engage with them in all possible channels. In-house receptionists are usually a small company’s first line of communication with customers.

However, they may have other vital tasks that need to be done. Due to other responsibilities, in-house receptionists may miss calls or provide less than the expected customer engagement. It could lead to a drop in customer satisfaction and the loss of potential clients.

According to the same study, the Harvard Business Review found that customers are ready to pay 140% more for simply being treated right. That is why having a dedicated team of virtual receptionists is essential. They are always prepared to answer calls, solve issues, and engage with customers enough to leave a positive impression. 

3. Virtual Receptionists Provide a Sense of Professionalism During Calls

Virtual receptionists are expertly trained in handling phone calls, building customer or client relationships, empathy, and lead nurturing. When a customer calls your lines, you can expect your virtual receptionist to provide the highest level of professionalism.

Unlike in-house receptionists, virtual receptionists can focus on your customer’s problems and help solve them in the most efficient way possible. Virtual receptionists are also trained to handle angry customers, which might be too much for most in-house receptionists.

Providing a sense of professionalism during calls assures customers that your company is investing in improving customer experience and helps justify their loyalty to your brand.

By having a dedicated team of virtual receptionists, you can maintain a strong line of communication between your company and your customers.

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