December 17, 2020

Take That Vacation! Happy Holidays from Always Answer

Happy Holidays in an answering service business

You need a vacation. And it is perfect timing with the holiday season unfurling all around us, but just because you’re on vacation that doesn’t mean your business has to stop too!

With Always Answer, your virtual receptionist can handle all calls, questions, and communications with your customers – even as you unplug on your vacation.

Keep Your Customers & Callers Informed This Holiday Season with Virtual Receptionist Services from PC!

Don’t let the holidays shut down your business, or let your customers meet a cold answering machine! Cold is meant for winter weather, not your customer service!

Update your answering with a holiday greeting from a warm, human voice, and let us take care of your callers’ questions. Whether your hours are changing, sales and pricing updates, or other safety and seasonal changes, we can inform your customers or direct them to the correct information or transfer them according to your instructions.

Advantages & Benefits of Virtual Receptionist Services Over the Holidays

Take advantage of our answering and virtual receptionist services to take over your phone calls this holiday season. Whether your store or office is busy because of the season, or if you need outbound services because you’ll be out of the office and on vacation, our friendly services are the perfect addition to your end-of-year plan!

Our call services and virtual receptionists can take all calls according to your specifications, your industry, needs, and, of course, your callers’ needs. So you never have to worry about calls being left ringing or getting lost in an answering machine, as we always answer!

Get More Customers This Holiday Season

When your company is based online, many people may avoid purchasing from you if they can only contact you through email. If you add call center services for just a few months, your customers will feel more comfortable buying your products and trusting you!

Plus, it’s easy for your customers to contact your business if there are any issues or to check their order status when you utilize a call center like Always Answer. Give your customers the gift of a friendly, live voice and immediate response this holiday season.

Increase Your Employee Efficiency

During the holiday season, many employees are stressed and bogged down by the sudden surge in customer needs and questions. This means your employees have to split their time and might let their other responsibilities slip because they are working with callers and customer questions instead.

Call centers can handle these questions and customer service tasks for you and help to lighten the burden on your employees. This, in turn, allows them to be more efficient and reach all of the tasks they need to in order to keep your business running smoothly and keeping in-store customers happy.

Let Us Handle Your Calls 24/7 – So Your Business Is Never Unreachable

Though your business may not be open 24-hours a day, your call center should be.

Your customers can call Always Answer anytime for help or information. It can be extremely difficult to fit in a phone call before six o’clock during a workday for many of your customers. Plus, phone lines are generally busier during the holiday season regardless of your industry. Implementing answering services through a virtual receptionist can help your customers have an easy way to get ahold of you without long wait times.

Our Live Answering Services & Features

Of course, we answer your callers’ questions and can direct calls to the correct staff member, but we also provide further services and features to help during busy holidays seasons, such as:

  • General Booking
  • Responding to Online Customer Inquiries
  • Appointment Scheduling & Reminders
  • Data Entry
  • Conducting Research
  • Preparing Presentations

Even if you don’t need answering servicers all year, take advantage of our services during your busy holiday season. This will lower your employees’ and your own stress by making it easier to take care of your customers.

A Live Answering Service can be a huge help this holiday season. Whether you’re in a retail or service industry, security, medical, or property management, we’re here for you and your customers.

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