December 3, 2020

Remote Work & Virtual Receptionist Services

Remote Work & Virtual Receptionist Services on a phone

Many companies have moved to remote work due to COVID-19 and trying to slow the spread, and though working from home may be safer for many, it can be difficult for some professions. Homes are noisy, have distractions, and with students often learning from home as well, it can be hard to be on the phone for long periods of time. This is where virtual receptionist services can drastically improve your remote workers’ productivity and scheduling.

Let’s learn more about the benefits that virtual receptionist services can provide in times of remote work.

The Benefits of Virtual Receptionists in 2020

Virtual receptionist services are meant to give front office, administrative, and customer services remotely for your small, medium, or large business. Some of the greatest benefits of utilizing our virtual receptionist services are to save money, hassle, and time for your business and your employees alike. And as there are certain hurdles that we are all currently facing by working remotely, anything companies can do to help their team work more efficiently is a huge plus!

Plus, with Always Answer, you only pay for the minutes that your virtual receptionist is actually on the line with your callers. This means that you aren’t paying a full salary with the benefits of a ‘regular’ employee, and you aren’t paying our virtual receptionists to sit and wait – just the per-minute costs per call.

Virtual Receptionist Services

Imagine Your Business With Our Virtual Receptionist Services; Appointment Booking & Reminders, Customer Call Answering, & More…

  • 24/7 phone coverage
  • Happy customers who can reach you after hours, weekends, or nights
  • Full front-office support, whenever you need it
  • More time for business, less time on the phone as you work from home or anywhere!

Remote Work in the Time of COVID

Even if your physical space or office is closed, it doesn’t have to close your business. Having someone answering your main business line during your normal business hours (or even after hours) can keep normalcy for your customers and keep them informed, one of the most important things any business can do right now.  

Using a virtual receptionist answering service to answer your calls while your storefront or office is closed stops you from missing connections, wasting opportunities, and losing revenue when calls that are or could become your customers call.

By outsourcing your answering service while your employees work remotely, your company won’t seem closed at all, and your callers will be able to stay in the loop on your open and closed times, modified services, and more. 

Plus, by utilizing phone calls more now than ever, you are helping to keep your customers and employees safe, as you cannot catch a virus over the phone. By hiring a virtual receptionist service, you can continue to stay connected with your customers during times when you cannot be face to face.

Virtual Receptionist & Answering Services Are Here to Help Your Customers Reach You & Have Their Questions Answered

Why is always being available an important feature of your virtual receptionist service? Because especially in 2020, your customers have questions about hours, pricing, appointments, protocols, and more! Make sure you are there to answer their calls and their questions around the clock!

Whether it’s down-time or after-hours, you need time to unplug from your work, especially as you and your team may be working and living in the same space lately. Our anytime virtual receptionist and answering services allow you to separate your home life from your work life as much as possible.

Plus, by only paying for the minutes we are on your calls, you can use our virtual receptionist services 24/7 and still only pay for the calls we handle. This makes sure your clients are always able to reach you and your business, without cutting into your team members’ work hours, or having your employees answer the phones with dogs barking and children yelling in the background as they work from home.

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With our virtual receptionist services, you won’t have to close up shop and have your phone ring through to a full voicemailbox, instead, every call will be answered by a live and friendly voice. With our team of customer service professionals, you can keep your doors closed but still keep your business open and running like usual!

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