How to Avoid Missed Leasing Opportunities with Live Answering Services

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We’ve all been there, an insane day, phones ringing off the hook, lines and customers for miles, or so it seems. And without live answering services this can be overwhelming for both you and your staff, making even the best customer service sag. Often, if there is just too much for your personnel to handle, … Read more

Six Common Call Center Myths People Have that Lead to Misconceptions

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Most people have their own misconceptions about customer support call centers and the people who work these positions. Often their misconceptions stem from misinformation like “Read it on Facebook so it must be true.” A call center agent’s primary job is to resolve calls as fast as they can. While agents may be encouraged to … Read more

The Breakdown of Why We Need Call Centers

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The “Internet of Things” is taking over, and people are now communicating through text and social media platforms more than ever before. Yet businesses still turn to call centers to help them provide support, even if support often happens through alternative channels. The reality is that we still need call centers in the modern world. … Read more

Three Call Center Call Routing Strategies for Efficient Call Handling

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There are several different call center call routing strategies you could use to help develop more efficient call handling. Call handling is ensuring that a caller is routed to the most appropriate agent who is fully capable of resolving any issues without having to transfer them. Interactive Voice Response—IVR/Touch-Tone Response Routing With this type of … Read more

Can IOT Supplements Make for a Better Customer Experience?

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The Internet of Things (IoT): Can it improve customer experience for the better? And, if so, how can phone answering services capitalize on it to improve call efficiency and success rates? We review these critical questions by highlighting four major IoT supplement benefits right here, in this post. From product improvement to better client support … Read more

Five Team-Building Training Exercises for Your Call Center Agents to Practice

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The effectiveness of call centers to deliver outstanding customer service experiences is largely based upon the experience of its agents. All customer service agents require ongoing and continuing education and training exercises to be able to adapt to the changing needs of customers. Developing the right team-building training exercises can focus on a variety of … Read more

How Call Centers Can Benefit Your Business – No Matter Its Size!

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Establishing customer contact call centers can be a major investment for businesses of any size. There are computers, facilities, equipment, technologies, employees and training required to be able to respond to customers when they need help. This is why many businesses choose to outsource their customer support. In addition to not having to worry about … Read more

Five Advantages of Self-Service Technologies that Enhance Live Call Center Support

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There can be several advantages of self-service technologies when they are used alongside live call center support. Both types of support options go hand-in-hand in providing positive customer service experiences. Some of the advantages your business could gain with self-service technologies include: Reduced call hold times. Callers will not have to hold as long to … Read more

How Call Centers Are Integrating with Facebook

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Facebook and other social media platforms are becoming valuable tools for businesses and their customers to use as a means of communications. Many businesses already have a Facebook page, which they can use to share valuable information with their clients. They might post FAQs, how-to videos, or announcements about upcoming sales and special offers. The … Read more

Reasons You Should Outsource Your Call Center

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For owners of small- and medium-sized businesses, one of the biggest questions they need to determine is whether it is better to set up their own internal call support or outsource their call center to a service that specializes in providing customer support. There are many reasons to consider, and the following are among those … Read more