July 27, 2018

Can IOT Supplements Make for a Better Customer Experience?

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The Internet of Things (IoT): Can it improve customer experience for the better? And, if so, how can phone answering services capitalize on it to improve call efficiency and success rates? We review these critical questions by highlighting four major IoT supplement benefits right here, in this post. From product improvement to better client support coverage, here’s how IoT is changing how companies do business.

Making Sense of Data

IoT supplements, including built-in algorithms for cleaning and filtering data, make it easier to collect and organize information. For answering services and call centers, that means having the right information not only at your fingertips but arranged in a way that makes sense within seconds.

Regarding customer experience, sensible data collection and presentation can have a major impact. Agents have the information they need without needing extensive on-hold time to review notes or dig out past call details, so they can better serve the customer in less time. The customer experience is improved because agents know who they are, what they prefer, and how they want to be served in seconds.

Broader Support Access

IoT supplements like messenger bots, AI-driven IVRs, and auto-reply bots improve the customer experience by broadening support access for clients. Clients can reach out by telephone, email, support ticket, or even text, reaching a bot which digests their requests and then either sends out an “answer” or alerts the right department to the requests instead. Here, too, IoT supplements improve the customer experience by providing faster options for support during and after business hours.

Personalized Client Support

Every client is unique, even within demographics that appear similar at first glance. One client prefers to reach out by text, the other prefers to use a web chat interface. Others prefer to speak only by telephone, meaning attempts to reach them by email are taken as an affront.

Then, there are clients who need specific information—such as alerts to changes at a business halfway around the world. These requests are as unique to the client as they are to you, but IoT supplements and integrations make it easier to create provisions that meet specific needs.

Here is an example: Let’s say a restaurant has five locations throughout various cities in the United States. They need to be informed of inventory gaps quickly so as to preserve customer service. IoT integrations can help you track inventory and alert the right person at the right time, making it easier to resolve issues as they occur without needing to call in to a center. It’s more efficient and effective for everyone.

At Always Answer, we serve call answering service needs nationwide with the help of intelligent IoT supplements. From integrating mobile devices to innovative bleeding-edge solutions, we make it easier for you to do business day after day. Reach out now to learn how we can help bridge the gap between human connection and IoT for better overall coverage.

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