March 22, 2018

Five Advantages of Self-Service Technologies that Enhance Live Call Center Support

Customer self service button

There can be several advantages of self-service technologies when they are used alongside live call center support. Both types of support options go hand-in-hand in providing positive customer service experiences. Some of the advantages your business could gain with self-service technologies include:

  1. Reduced call hold times. Callers will not have to hold as long to speak with a live agent when they can resolve basic problems themselves using self-service support options.
  2. Easy access to information at any time of the day. Customers can find support options whenever they need help, even in the middle of the night, although it is still a great idea to have live agents available 24/7, just in case customers still need to speak to a live person.
  3. Customers can find support for more common problems and issues. Providing access to a FAQs (frequently asked questions) area on your website and other self-service tools will enable your customers to attempt to resolve basic issues on their own.
  4. Customer service support agents will be available to assist with more complex problems. Since the bulk of generalized customer support issues can be resolved using self-service option, this allows support agents to spend more time on the phone helping customers with unique or complicated issues.

Self Service Technologies

  1. Decreased call center operating costs. Lower call volumes translate to lower overall operating costs. Your business could save money and reinvest it into adding more self-service technologies.

TIP: It is imperative that you do not ditch live support for self-service options. Your customers will still need to be able to reach a live person if they cannot solve their problems on their own.

There are several benefits of implementing self-service support technologies. However, it is equally important to educate and train your customers on how to use any self-service tools you enable. Otherwise, they will be less likely to try them out and utilize them.

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