August 23, 2018

Six Common Call Center Myths People Have that Lead to Misconceptions

call center representative

Most people have their own misconceptions about customer support call centers and the people who work these positions. Often their misconceptions stem from misinformation like “Read it on Facebook so it must be true.”

call center representative

      1. A call center agent’s primary job is to resolve calls as fast as they can. While agents may be encouraged to resolve calls in an efficient manner, they do have the freedom to spend as long as they need with a single customer until his or her issues are fully resolved. Their primary objective is to leave the caller satisfied no matter how long it takes.
      2. All call center agents are based in a call center overseas. Yes, there are contact centers all over the world, including India and the Philippines. However, there are also call contact centers like ours here in the United States.
      3. A call center agent really has no power to resolve a caller’s problems. In many cases, agents do have some freedom and flexibility in what they can do to resolve a caller’s issues and do not need to transfer the call to a manager.
      4. A call center agent just answers phone calls. This is not true at all. In between calls, agents perform after-call work and enter notes into a computer database. Some agents also monitor online chat customer support sessions through websites and social media platforms.
      5. Only large businesses and corporations need a call center. Granted, they do have deeper pockets that allow them to staff and operate their own internal call centers. However, small and medium businesses can also have their own call center agents by using a reliable service.
      6. Yelling and screaming at the agent gets better results. This misconception comes from the old saying “The squeaky wheel gets the grease.” It is important to remember, agents are people, too. In many cases, the reason you are calling is for something that was not under the agents’ control, but they are willing to assist you to in any way they can now to fix it.


man yelling and screaming over call

We hope any misconceptions you previously held have been addressed. For additional information about call center and telephone answering services and solutions for any size business, please feel free to contact Always Answer at 1-800-606-9898 today!