August 8, 2018

Three Call Center Call Routing Strategies for Efficient Call Handling

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There are several different call center call routing strategies you could use to help develop more efficient call handling. Call handling is ensuring that a caller is routed to the most appropriate agent who is fully capable of resolving any issues without having to transfer them.

  1. Interactive Voice Response—IVR/Touch-Tone Response Routing
    With this type of call routing, customers provide some input as to why they are calling. With an IVR system, callers are asked questions or instructed to say why they are calling. With touch-tone response routing, callers are instructed to input different responses to questions or choose an option that best reflects the reason for their call using by pressing the appropriate number on their telephone keypad.
    The primary benefit of this type of call routing is it helps route callers more effectively to the right agents. However, one drawback is that, even given the latest advances in technologies, it is difficult to be able to provide routing for each and every type of problem.
  1. Automatic Response Routing

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    This type of call routing is where calls are automatically routed to the next available agent, no matter what type of problem or issue the caller has. For this strategy, agents do need to be cross-trained and enabled to resolve just about any type of issue or problem. From a caller perspective, this strategy ensures callers spend the least amount of time on hold waiting to speak to an agent.
  1. Data-Driven Routing
    This strategy is also referred to as “smart routing.” Essentially, a computer reads the caller ID of the caller, accesses the customer’s records, and then routes the call to the most appropriate agent. For example, if callers are some of your top customers, they will be routed to “VIP” agents. On the other hand, if they are new callers, they would be routed to sales support agents.The benefit with this strategy is agents have quick access to customer data and know whether they are a new, repeat, or VIP customer. The drawback of this method is it does require investing in the right “smart” technologies.

Each of these strategies can help improve the efficiency of your call routing. Another great strategy is to have us implement one of these on your behalf and act as your business’s call center. For additional information about call routing strategies and call contact center solutions, please feel free to contact Always Answer at 1-800-606-9898 today!