August 19, 2018

The Breakdown of Why We Need Call Centers

smiling girl with headset working at computer in office

The “Internet of Things” is taking over, and people are now communicating through text and social media platforms more than ever before. Yet businesses still turn to call centers to help them provide support, even if support often happens through alternative channels. The reality is that we still need call centers in the modern world. From the “human touch” to faster resolutions, here’s why.

Customers Love Human Interaction

In the race for faster and more efficient support, many businesses are turning to IVRs, automated agents, and bots. These can help with initial call or message filtering, but they can also be a hindrance when businesses use them in place of real, live humans.

Think about the last time you called a business and struggled with an IVR (Interactive Voice Response). Chances are it’s happened at least once, and it probably left you feeling frustrated with your problem completely unresolved. Being able to speak with a human, who uses human logic to understand your predicament, makes a big difference.

Complex Problems Need Complex Minds

Not every problem can be addressed with manual or automated tools. Here’s a perfect example: A customer buys a computer. The computer stops functioning on day one. They have two options: Take the computer to the nearest service center, driving 30 miles, or call into the call center for help. Which would you pick?

This is a vast oversimplification, but it gets at the heart of the most important point. Sometimes, customers have vast, multi-layered problems or requests that simply aren’t addressable by ticket or email support. Contact center agents help to identify the real root of the problem. Then, they can either fix it on the spot or make it easier for the customer to find their way to a sure-fire fix, rather than having them jump around and play the trial and error game.

Timeliness Is Essential

smiling call center employees sitting in line

The biggest reason to have a contact center supporting your business is timeliness. When customers or clients are struggling with a problem, they don’t want to wait 24 to 48 hours to receive an email that asks them to clarify. They want help and answers right now. Forcing them to wait until you reply by text can be extremely frustrating, especially if they experience negative consequences as a result.

Show Your Customers You Value Them with Contact Center Services

Ultimately, we need call center services because customers and clients deserve our attention, support, and appreciation of their time. Having agents available to answer questions and fix problems tells your clients you care, and that you find their time valuable and appreciate their patronage. Call Always Answer now to find out how affordable center services can be.