February 15, 2017

How to Meet Customer Service Expectations

Answering Service

To provide your customers with exceptional experiences, whether they are a brand new customer or a returning one, you need to pay attention to their needs. There are different ways in which they will communicate this with you, either through face-to-face conversations, email messages, telephone calls, or feedback left through an online review site. Do not ignore these opportunities, as they can translate into conversations, as well as referrals for your business.

Face-to-Face Conversations – Listen to what your customer is telling you. They might mention they are having a bad day or recently got divorced. Being empathetic to their situation and find out more details to help guide them toward buying decisions that fit their needs and budget.

Email Messages – Respond to email messages within one business day of receiving them, even if you cannot fully resolve the issue. It is better to let the customer know you received the email and are working on answering their questions. If you need more information, it can be better to respond to their email and ask when would be a good time to call them directly and speak to them on the phone.

Telephone Calls – When a customer calls, it can be for any number of reasons. They could be checking the status of an order, have questions about a product or service they are considering buying, require product support, or have a complaint or compliment. Since you cannot control when customers call, it is beneficial to use an answering service so your customers have access to live support 24/7.

Customer Service Expectations

Online Feedback – Take the time to personally respond to online feedback, even if it was negative, by thanking the customer for their comments. For negative comments, you should respond privately to them or arrange a telephone call to discuss the matter further to find out more details.

Responding to customers’ comments, suggestions, and feedback demonstrates you are committed to meeting their expectations and shows your customers you care about them. For help managing customer calls, online support, and more, call Always Answer at 1-800-606-9898 now!