April 15, 2017

Services Your Virtual Receptionist Can Provide

Virtual Receptionist from a woman

A virtual receptionist functions much like an actual receptionist in your office would. They answer phones, schedule appointments, update your calendar, schedule meetings, make phone calls to customers and clients, provide customer and technical support, route phone calls to other staff members, read and respond to emails, and more.

However, there is one major exception: They work remotely from a different location, such as for an answering or call service.

There really is no limit to the number of tasks and job duties a virtual assistant can take on. The only challenges are when tasks are related to actual paper-based transactions, but there are viable workarounds, such as converting paper-based documents and files into electronic formats, or setting up a virtual mailing address where the paper-based documents are sent directly to your virtual assistant for processing, then sent to you afterward for your recordkeeping.

Why Should Your Business Outsource and Get a Virtual Assistant?

First, your business saves money on employee recruiting, hiring, and retention, as well as costs associated with payroll and employee benefits. Next, other than custom-tailored training to fit with the tasks and functions your virtual employees will be performing, all other training, like different software applications, customer service skills, and so on, is also provided by the company you selected to provide you with access to your virtual employees.

Business Outsource

Another benefit your business gains with virtual employees is that your virtual employees are always available 24/7 to perform whatever tasks you require—unlike actual in-office receptionists and assistants, who will have sick days, want to take vacations, might arrive late to work, need to leave work early, or be called away from the phones and into meetings, which can result in missed phone calls and unfinished job tasks.

Plus, depending on the types of job tasks and functions your virtual assistant performs, you are only billed when they answer phone calls or perform actual work for your business. To learn more about virtual assistants and receptionists for your business, contact Always Answer at 1-800-606-9898 today!