Enjoy Hassle-Free Hiring With Employee Screening Management

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Hiring a new employee for your business or company often involves several risks. After all, you do not know much about the person you are considering hiring, and even the most appealing resume might conceal a few things you do not know about them. If you want to run a successful company, you will want … Read more

Employment Background Screening: How Your Company Benefits

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Unemployment rates continue to fall in the United States—employers added 433,000 workers in 2021, and economists are hopeful that there will be more job openings this year. However, despite employers’ efforts to hire qualified workers, the labor force participation rate is still below the 63.4% pre-pandemic participation rate. Many hope this will improve in the … Read more

How to Optimize Your Employee Background Screening Process

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Most employers perform some kind of background check. According to the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS), they primarily investigate criminal history in national and county or state databases. When it comes to hiring, conducting background checks is a vital step. Doing so helps you better picture the applicant and protect your company, employees, … Read more

How Poor Employee Screening Can Affect Your Organization

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Employee screening should be part of every business’s hiring process. Background and reference checks validate job applicants’ claims regarding their education, qualifications, and general trustworthiness. Having a pre-employment screening program in place makes better-informed hiring decisions and reduces the risks of making a bad hire.  Poorly conducted or inadequate employee screening, on the other hand, … Read more

4 Reasons Why Outsourcing Employee Screening Is Effective

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Without a proper pre-employment screening procedure, you are putting your business at risk. For this, outsourcing is one of the best options for small companies to screen their applicants. In this blog, Always Answer discusses why it is more effective and efficient to outsource your employee screening, especially if you are a small-to-medium enterprise. Cost … Read more

Employee Screening: Why You Need It for Your Business

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A background check is a critical step in the recruitment process. By verifying information provided by the applicant, you can rest assured that your company hires only qualified and honorable people. What Can be Covered by Employee Screening? A pre-employment background check typically reviews the following information: Identity verification – Name, social security number, and … Read more

Looking to Hire? How Employee Screening Services Can Help Streamline Your Search

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Have you ever run a classified ad to search for new employees or used one of the many job-finding sites? They can be both a blessing and a burden because though you get your information and job openings in front of many more applicants and therefore find more qualified individuals, you will also get a … Read more

Client Education: How Can Employee Screening Services Aid in Your Success?

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Have you ever posted on social media about a job opening? Or placed a classified ad and felt overwhelmed with the response? This might sound like a good problem to have, but that doesn’t mean it is without its stress. Additionally, more responses mean more time spent combing through all the applicants, and that might … Read more