Employment Background Screening: How Your Company Benefits

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Unemployment rates continue to fall in the United States—employers added 433,000 workers in 2021, and economists are hopeful that there will be more job openings this year. However, despite employers’ efforts to hire qualified workers, the labor force participation rate is still below the 63.4% pre-pandemic participation rate. Many hope this will improve in the … Read more

Employee Screening: Why You Need It for Your Business

man on the phone with Employee Screening

A background check is a critical step in the recruitment process. By verifying information provided by the applicant, you can rest assured that your company hires only qualified and honorable people. What Can be Covered by Employee Screening? A pre-employment background check typically reviews the following information: Identity verification – Name, social security number, and … Read more

How to Save Your Small Business Money in Tough Times

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No doubt, times are difficult right now for many small businesses, which is why Always Answer has paused our normally-scheduled content campaigns and marketing strategies to bring practical and helpful articles related to current times to our clients. This means that instead of talking about the summer season and our 24/7 live call services, we … Read more