February 17, 2022

Employment Background Screening: How Your Company Benefits

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Unemployment rates continue to fall in the United States—employers added 433,000 workers in 2021, and economists are hopeful that there will be more job openings this year. However, despite employers’ efforts to hire qualified workers, the labor force participation rate is still below the 63.4% pre-pandemic participation rate. Many hope this will improve in the summer after the omicron surge has hopefully settled down.

While it’s not easy to find qualified workers right now, especially with lingering uncertainty about the pandemic, you still have to vet candidates before hiring them for full employment. It’s important to establish a thorough background screening process so that you can be sure they’re fit for the job.

Always Answer lists down the benefits of having a detailed employee screening process.

Enhanced Safety and Security

One of the main reasons you should have a meticulous background screening process is to make sure everyone who joins your company wouldn’t present a threat to the workplace environment.

A background check helps you filter out applicants with a history of crime, harassment, stalking, violence, and other factors that could compromise workplace safety and security. A thorough screening can also pinpoint an individual’s tendencies toward absenteeism, attitude problems, low productivity, tardiness, and other problematic behaviors.

Improved Quality of New Hires with Employment Screening

Talent acquisition is a challenge for all industries. You want to choose candidates who can seamlessly transition into their new roles and work with your company for a long time.

By conducting a comprehensive background check before hiring someone, you’ll be able to catch any discrepancies, misstatements, and misinterpreted information that affect the quality of your hire. You can also get information that applicants might have left out before they become employees who pose a potential financial, legal, or regulatory risk to your organization.

Minimized Risk of Negligent Hiring

You might face negligent hiring claims if one of your employees causes harm to another employee or to a third party while they are on the job or within the scope of their job. And if the allegations are proven correct, your organization could be liable for damages.

Financial losses, lawsuits, and other incidents that cause immeasurable damage can be avoided if you check a candidate’s professional and criminal background before hiring them. Employee screenings, therefore, are important in helping you mitigate negligent hiring risks.

Lower Employee Turnover Rates

Employee turnover can’t be avoided, especially now that job-hopping is a common occurrence. But companies should still strive for a 10% turnover rate, even though the average falls between 12% and 20%.

You can work toward a healthy turnover rate by being careful about the people you hire. Choose individuals who are driven and whose values align with your company’s. Conduct background screening before you even consider making an offer so that you can reduce the chances of making a wrong hiring decision.

Boost Confidence in the People You Hire with Employment Screening Services from Always Answer

The pandemic has changed the economic landscape in ways we don’t fully grasp yet. More employers are updating their job application processes and, when necessary, increasing wages to attract candidates. But one thing is more important than ever—and that is the need for stringent employee background screening processes.

Comprehensive background checks are necessary to improve the quality of new hires, minimize turnover rates, and avoid company losses. As a result, your business will be well-positioned for long-term success.

Streamline the way you screen applicants and communicate with those who meet your qualifications. Contact Always Answer today to learn more about how we can help your employee screening process.