February 11, 2021

Employee Screening: Why You Need It for Your Business

man on the phone with Employee Screening

A background check is a critical step in the recruitment process. By verifying information provided by the applicant, you can rest assured that your company hires only qualified and honorable people.

What Can be Covered by Employee Screening?

A pre-employment background check typically reviews the following information:

  • Identity verification – Name, social security number, and right to work in the country
  • Criminal history – Whether the applicant has been convicted of a crime, is on probation or on a government watchlist
  • Employment history – Information about the applicant’s previous employers and job titles held
  • Educational background – Accuracy of the universities, degrees and certifications on the candidate’s CV
  • Government-issued licenses – Confirms the applicant has the government-issued credential or license to fulfill the role 
  • Motor vehicle records – If the position requires driving, check if the candidate has been on past vehicular accidents

Reasons to Run Background Checks on All Applicants

Guaranteed workplace safety

Nobody wants to hire people that can threaten the safety of existing employees or their business in general. Unfortunately, even the most trustworthy applicants may not be who they seem.

Performing criminal background checks on prospective employees will prevent you from hiring violent individuals or sexual predators. Conducting personal and professional reference checks will help keep your workplace safe and secure.

Time and cost savings

Research shows that employee turnover can cost employers 33 percent of an employee’s annual salary. Apart from advertising, screening and training costs, you also have to consider the time spent in interviewing and onboarding candidates. 

Businesses, especially startups, can’t afford to employ the wrong person and waste time repeating the hiring process. Over time, these expenses can pile up and kill your business. By carrying out background checks, you can guarantee that you’ve made the correct hiring decision.

Job competence

A study shows that 36 percent of Americans admitted to lying on their CV. Some common reasons for lying include lack of experience or long-term employment. 

The best way to verify the claims stated in a resume is to conduct a thorough pre-employment background check. Scrutinizing employee credentials improves the quality of hires, which ultimately leads to higher productivity and a lower level of employee turnover. 

Positive reputation

Screening potential employees optimizes your hiring process which reflects positively on your brand image. You want to be known in your industry as a company who works only with the highest quality employees. Running extensive pre-employment background checks will also encourage more people to work with you.

Minimal exposure from employee liability

If your employee becomes involved in an accident as a result of negligence while on duty, you may be liable for the damages caused by their action. Personal injury claims can cost you thousands of dollars and reflect badly on your company’s reputation. Protect your business from unexpected expenses through rigorous background screening.

Optimize Your Hiring Process Today

The success of your company relies on its workforce. Ensure you’ve hired the best person for the job, and make background checking a priority. 

Always Answer can design a call flow that allows you to capture the applicants you want. We personalize your account to meet your initial employee screening needs. Call us at 1-800-606-9898 for details on how we can help you optimize your hiring process today.