December 20, 2018

Client Education: How Can Employee Screening Services Aid in Your Success?

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Have you ever posted on social media about a job opening? Or placed a classified ad and felt overwhelmed with the response?

This might sound like a good problem to have, but that doesn’t mean it is without its stress. Additionally, more responses mean more time spent combing through all the applicants, and that might be time you don’t have to spare.

Let Always Answer take the stress out of your initial applicant screening process with our employee screening services and see all the time and hassle we can save you.

The 4 Benefits of Using Employee Screening Services

Scripting Software

If you have specific requirements for your future employees, then it is possible that many of the applicants applying won’t meet them.

This can waste your time and theirs, but there is a better option – by using scripting software, Always Answer can design a screening process that captures the potential you are looking for.

If any of the callers meet your requirements, we’ll deliver their details to you by fax or email spreadsheet for further follow-up, or even connect you for a live call right then!

If they do not meet your specifications, then no further action will be needed by you and the employment track for that applicant ends.

It’s as simple as that and it saves you time, all while bringing you the highest quality applicants.

Better Informed Decisions

Knowing about your applicants before you interview is important and can lead to a better decision in the end.

Do you have certain requirements or prerequisites? We can go over all of that to make sure each applicant possesses the skills you are looking for.

Hiring can be a lengthy process, and rushing it can leave you with a less-than-ideal workforce, but how can you get information without wasting time?

With employee screening services!

Isn’t it easier to get all the information ahead of time in a convenient spreadsheet or fax? We certainly think so, and our goal is to make your process seamless and your business thrive.

Saves Time When You Are Shorthanded

Of course, you could do the screening on your own. You could make a spreadsheet of your applicants and their qualifications on your own. You could even go through every call with each applicant and continue or halt their interview process right then.

But why are you hiring someone?

Most likely because you have recently let someone go or had someone move on, creating a job opening, and extra work for you while you look for someone to fill that opening.

Maybe you have extra work in this busy business season and can hire additional staff to help, but again, you’re hiring because you’re busy, so adding more time and work to this already busy time might not be the best option.

Instead, let Personalized Communication assist you with our screening process, making your next employee you best employee.

Prevent Worker Risks

Having an employee screening process can help mitigate risks with your new staff.

Screenings have been proven to help guard against workplace theft, personnel issues, and even workplace conflict.

Don’t let your next hire be a gamble, use proven measures, scripting software and the experts at Always Answer to make your next team member a team player.

Employee Screening Services in Dallas, San Antonio, & Houston

No matter where you are, we are there with you, and with our employee screening services, we can make sure we are with you every step of the way as you add to your work family.

If employee screening services, 24/7 service, call centers, virtual receptionists, or bilingual agents sound like some things that could assist your business, then please don’t hesitate to call us at 800-606-9898 or contact us for your free seven-day trial today!

We know that after your trial, you’ll want to continue working with us, as we offer the best customer service in the industry, competitive prices, and endless options, so you pay for what you need, and nothing more!

We look forward to hearing from you!