How Technology Has Changed Customer Service

The core principle of customer service has remained the same over the years: Address the customers’ concerns, and be supportive and friendly. However, in today’s technology-driven society, much has changed in regards to call handling, self-service options, and customer feedback. Most call centers have automated answering systems which prompt customers for various responses to ensure … Read more

3 Tips to a Safe, Secure Workplace

Recently, the news headlines have been dominated by tragedy. Coffee shops, factories, and ordinary workplaces have been instantly and irreversibly catapulted into chaos and mayhem. Have you considered beefing up security to keep your workers safe? Here are three tips for providing better security against the unknown and unknowable, including how quality answering services can … Read more

3 Ways to Avoid Business Failure in 2015

What does it take to succeed in today’s business climate? More people are starting their own businesses than ever before, but common mistakes and a lack of understanding of the current business climate lead too many startups to failure. Here are the best mistakes to avoid to keep your business or startup afloat in 2015. … Read more

Top Questions to Ask before Contracting an Inbound Calling Center

Looking for a dependable inbound calling center? There are several questions you can ask those you are considering so that you are happy with the route you choose. Do not shy away from the tough questions. Find out about the company’s stability, track record, financial situation, and capacity levels before you sign on the dotted … Read more

Why Your Texas Business Needs a Spanish Answering Service

Immigration is a huge news story these days, and everyone seems to have their own opinion about how the U.S. should handle immigrants. But the fact of the matter is, immigrants are here, and most likely are here to stay. Since Texas is so near the border, and there are lots of jobs here for … Read more

What to Ask Before Selecting an Inbound Calling Center

An inbound calling center is the ideal alternative to hiring tons of employees to handle a marketing campaign or new promotion. But how can you be sure you’re getting a call center that is capable of meeting your needs? Find a Call Center with Industry Experience The first consideration is whether the inbound calling center … Read more

What Types of Services Does a Call Center Offer?

While you probably know that you can outsource customer service to a call center, you might not realize just how flexible and comprehensive call center services are. Depending on what sort of business or industry you’re in, you might need some or all of the various services available through an outsourced call center. Here are … Read more

Never Miss an Emergency or Time Sensitive E-mails Again

You may not be able to work around the clock, but that doesn’t mean your work sleeps when you do. For businesses that often handle emergency situations or time sensitive e-mails, it’s important to have someone on call 24/7. To ensure that these emergencies and notifications get handled right away, you need to employ call … Read more

Call Center Hires Increase

If you read the news, you probably see a number of call centers closing. Sprint, for example, closed 55 retail stores. This in turn led to three of its centers shutting down as well. It seems like the need for telephone representatives is dying out; however, it is increasing. Overall, call centers are hiring more … Read more