The Unsung Benefits of Offering Bilingual Customer Service

Benefits of Offering Bilingual Customer Service

Keeping your customers happy is essential to maintaining and increasing sales. Customers base the quality of 70% of their buying experiences on how they feel businesses treat them, and the majority of them will decide against a purchase if customer service is poor. If you offer customer service in just one language, you lower your … Read more

Weeding Out the Naughty from the Nice: How to Choose a Quality Call Center

Quality call center for holidays

Knowing what to look for in a quality call center can be difficult when so many phone answering and call center businesses exist! Should you work local or go with the cheapest option? What about reviews, packages, services, and features? Do you really need coverage around the clock, or just during closed or busy hours? … Read more

Why You Need Bilingual Live Answering Services from Always Answer

Woman on the phone with a bilingual answering service agent

At Always Answer, we think everyone deserves to be spoken to in the language of their choice that they are most comfortable communicating in! And that is why we offer bilingual agents for all of your call center needs. Did you know that 27% of Texans speak Spanish? And for many, Spanish is their first language, … Read more

Offshore vs. Onshore Call Centers

When a business is considering outsourcing its call center services, it must decide whether it wants to use offshore or onshore call centers. Offshore call centers are those operated outside the United States in countries like India and the Philippines. Onshore call centers are those operated here in the United States, like San Antonio answering … Read more

Top 6 Reasons to Outsource Your Call Center

Almost any type of business that you can imagine depends on maintaining a healthy relationship with its customer base. With some types of business, however, this is far easier said than done. For instance, a great number of companies must routinely converse with customers over the phone—to process orders, to set appointments, or for other … Read more

3 Tips to a Safe, Secure Workplace

Recently, the news headlines have been dominated by tragedy. Coffee shops, factories, and ordinary workplaces have been instantly and irreversibly catapulted into chaos and mayhem. Have you considered beefing up security to keep your workers safe? Here are three tips for providing better security against the unknown and unknowable, including how quality answering services can … Read more

3 Ways to Capitalize on the Business Brought by Immigrants

Dallas, San Antonio, Houston, and other Texas cities are seeing significant increases in immigrants from Mexico, Central America, and South America. All of the newcomers are potential customers — but how do you reach out and get this business? These potential customers need all kinds of goods and services: plumbers, mechanics, doctors, flower shops, clothing, … Read more

When to Choose a Live Answering Service over Voicemail

If your employees are taking up too much valuable work time answering phone calls, you are likely trying to decide between a live answering service and a voicemail service. Which of these is the better option for you in the long run? Here are some questions to ask in order to determine which is best … Read more

Why Your Texas Business Needs a Spanish Answering Service

Immigration is a huge news story these days, and everyone seems to have their own opinion about how the U.S. should handle immigrants. But the fact of the matter is, immigrants are here, and most likely are here to stay. Since Texas is so near the border, and there are lots of jobs here for … Read more

What Types of Services Does a Call Center Offer?

While you probably know that you can outsource customer service to a call center, you might not realize just how flexible and comprehensive call center services are. Depending on what sort of business or industry you’re in, you might need some or all of the various services available through an outsourced call center. Here are … Read more