April 25, 2014

What Types of Services Does a Call Center Offer?

While you probably know that you can outsource customer service to a call center, you might not realize just how flexible and comprehensive call center services are. Depending on what sort of business or industry you’re in, you might need some or all of the various services available through an outsourced call center. Here are some of their most commonly offered services.

Some Common Services

Customer support is one of the most common services, and it basically involves answering the phone to provide troubleshooting and product support. Another key service is the appointment desk, which assumes the receptionist’s role as appointment maker for clients and partners.

One innovative service is applicant screening. In this instance, those individuals who call the phone number to apply for a position are screened based on your desired qualifications. The best candidates are delivered to you through your chosen delivery method. Some services will go so far as to interview candidates for you and record their responses.

Other Available Call Center Services

Here are some of the other services you can expect from a call center:

  • Event registration
  • Surveys
  • Reminder calls and appointment confirmations
  • Order entry

There’s also a service provided via what’s known as an out of office receptionist. This involves someone who can handle the overflow when your business gets inundated with too many incoming calls. Overwhelming numbers of calls are bound to happen if you put on a contest, conduct a direct mail campaign, or offer a special promotion that includes a phone number.