April 9, 2014

Never Miss an Emergency or Time Sensitive E-mails Again

You may not be able to work around the clock, but that doesn’t mean your work sleeps when you do. For businesses that often handle emergency situations or time sensitive e-mails, it’s important to have someone on call 24/7. To ensure that these emergencies and notifications get handled right away, you need to employ call center services.

Why Outsource Emergency Calls?

Think about it, you may have a cell phone for on-call situations, but are you constantly glued to your cell when you’re not at work, in case you miss a call or e-mail? Or are you constantly checking the answering machine at your businesses to see if any clients have left urgent messages?

That can get stressful fast, which is why you need an easier solution for your business. With call center emergency dispatch services, a call agent will always be standing by to receive emergency notifications and information about time sensitive e-mails. When they get these notifications, they will immediately contact relevant members of your staff in order to handle the situation.

Live Service

If your business frequently or regularly receives emergency phone calls, then you will certainly benefit from a live emergency dispatch service. With this type of answering service, you clients can always reach a live dispatcher with their message. After receiving the message, it will be passed on to you or appropriate members of your staff in a format they will receive the fastest. This can include

  • E-mail
  • Text
  • Phone call
  • Fax

You may think that emergency dispatch services aren’t available to you because you deal with medical information, but call centers are constantly updating their services. You’ll be happy to discover that many are now HIPAA compliant. Don’t wait until your next emergency; sign up for emergency and medical call center services today.