March 15, 2015

How Technology Has Changed Customer Service

The core principle of customer service has remained the same over the years: Address the customers’ concerns, and be supportive and friendly. However, in today’s technology-driven society, much has changed in regards to call handling, self-service options, and customer feedback. Most call centers have automated answering systems which prompt customers for various responses to ensure they are routed to the most appropriate customer service representative (CSR). There are even multi-language support options so customers can interact with CSRs in their preferred language.

Some companies are educating customers about a host of self-service options they have access to online through the companies’ websites by registering their account online. Self-service options give the customer complete control over their purchases, transaction history, bill payment, and account management. Instead of having to phone a call center for assistance, most customers are able to resolve their own issues and problems on their own with the right support options on company websites.

Another change technology has brought about is social media. Social media is the new “word-of-mouth” method people use to give praise or complain about a business, their products, and/or services. Essentially, businesses need to be aware customers today have full control over branding, imaging, and loyalty. Companies need to implement measures to be able to respond to complaints on social media promptly to get to the root cause and resolve the issue.

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