June 25, 2014

What to Ask Before Selecting an Inbound Calling Center

An inbound calling center is the ideal alternative to hiring tons of employees to handle a marketing campaign or new promotion. But how can you be sure you’re getting a call center that is capable of meeting your needs?

Find a Call Center with Industry Experience

The first consideration is whether the inbound calling center has experience in your industry. This is particularly important if you are in a heavily regulated industry, such as health care or insurance, legal, real estate, finance, and other industries that manage private consumer data. Experience keeps them from making mistakes that could put your company out of compliance

Find a Call Center That Can Customize

Many businesses only need someone to answer the phone and take messages. But if your calls involve customer service, tech support, or other hands-on calls, you will need to be able to customize your customers’ experiences. Make sure the call center can train employees to handle your types of callers.

Find a Call Center That Doesn’t Have Significant Downtime

Downtime can kill your customer service. Reputable inbound call centers will be able to provide you with a report of their downtime and associated costs. Pick one with little to no downtime that could hinder your ability to do business.

Find a Call Center with Hands-On Management

Ask about the management techniques employed by the center. Are managers involved with the workers on a daily basis, overseeing their work? If there is not a layer of management that directly oversees call center employees, you aren’t likely to be happy with their results.

Don’t be afraid to ask the tough questions. It’s better to do your homework and hire a center you’ll be happy with for a long time, than to rush through the picking process and end up alienating your customers.