January 28, 2015

3 Tips to a Safe, Secure Workplace

Recently, the news headlines have been dominated by tragedy. Coffee shops, factories, and ordinary workplaces have been instantly and irreversibly catapulted into chaos and mayhem. Have you considered beefing up security to keep your workers safe? Here are three tips for providing better security against the unknown and unknowable, including how quality answering services can help.

1. Restrict Physical Access to the Building

Workers get used to unrestricted access, and the ability to go and come at their leisure. Unfortunately, the days when businesses can afford this leisure are past. Most businesses are installing security features, such as “beep in” systems, so that a receptionist or security guard can assess an individual before allowing access. The loss of convenience is paid for many times over by the sense of security such a system provides.

2. Ask Questions

Do your workers have an unspoken, “Mind your own business” policy? If so, you need to offer some training to encourage workers to speak up if they see something out of the ordinary. It’s no longer acceptable to assume that the repairman is there on benign business, or a sales rep is okay lurking the hallways. If someone sees someone or something out of the ordinary, they should ask questions and find answers until the person is identified as non-threatening.

3. Use Smart Phone Protocol

It is not uncommon for those who wish to infiltrate a business to call and case the situation. Here is when a professional answering service can help tremendously. Tell your calling service to be on the lookout for anyone asking unusual questions or behaving strangely on the phone. Having an outside organization handling calls means that these professionals are 100% focused on callers, and not distracted by mundane business that might keep them from recognizing a potential threat.

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