March 31, 2014

Call Center Hires Increase

If you read the news, you probably see a number of call centers closing. Sprint, for example, closed 55 retail stores. This in turn led to three of its centers shutting down as well. It seems like the need for telephone representatives is dying out; however, it is increasing. Overall, call centers are hiring more representatives than letting go of them.

Sprint Closes Ranchero Call Center

Sprint’s call center in Ranchero, California had 240 employees prior to closing. Already, two other companies are offering to hire these people. If this isn’t enough, each company is looking for even more people interested in customer service. This increase is the highest rate of employment seen in the answering service industry in the last five years.

Regional Call Centers

Rather than focusing efforts on saving money through international centers, businesses are now focusing on regional facilities. While the labor may cost more up front, the service received at your local Dallas call center is more effective. There is no language barrier, resulting in efficient processes and faster resolution times. Many of the businesses moving to regional centers are in retail, financial and government industries.

Entry-Level and Career

With needs picking up, centers offer positions for both entry-level and career employees. While entry-level pay is around $10 per hour, it is ideal for those looking for their first job. New representatives learn skills useful in many industries. When searching for a career, however, representatives can quickly move up to manager positions. There are continued opportunities for growth in this service industry.

Even with the addition of Internet and SMS messages, call centers still rely heavily on telephones. This is simply because it addresses the needs of your customers. Whether you are job seeking or need call center services, contact your regional facility to see what is available. Odds are there is something for you.