Let a Call Center for Healthcare Facilities Run Your Patient Surveys

image of a sign that says "we hear you" from a patient satisfaction survey conducted by a call center for healthcare

The success of your business will largely depend on how well you treat existing and potential clients. No matter how competitive your pricing is or how innovative your product is, if your customers are unhappy, they are not going to stick around. 64% of consumers find customer experience more important than the cost of services … Read more

How Can Call Center Surveys Help Your Business Grow?

Woman on the phone taking customer surveys

Always Answer knows that many businesses are short on time – and that’s a good thing, it means you are busy and that business is going well! But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be finding out why business is going well with surveys and customer questionnaires. However, if you’re too busy, then who can complete customer … Read more

How To Increase Your Survey Response

Increasing Survey Response Customer Satisfaction

Understanding how your customers truly feel about your product and your company is important. By getting those raw details, you can better tailor your services to better meet customer expectations. One of the most convenient ways to get this information is to ask your customers to fill out a survey—but rarely do customers take the … Read more

Finding the Secret to Great Customer Service

Finding the Secret to Great Customer Service from smiling people

It is no secret that providing great customer service helps distinguish businesses from the competitors in their respective markets and industries. In fact, it can be the deciding factor when a potential customer is “on-the-fence” about making a purchase when all other things are equal in regards to the quality and pricing of products and … Read more

Customer Satisfaction Surveys: Qualitative vs. Quantitative Methods

When conducting customer support services surveys, there are two forms of questions you could include, which are qualitative and quantitative questions. Qualitative questions are considered “open-ended” questions, where respondents are free to respond and are not constricted to specific choices or options. Quantitative questions, on the other hand, are “closed-ended” questions and limit how respondents … Read more