December 29, 2017

How To Increase Your Survey Response

Increasing Survey Response Customer Satisfaction

Understanding how your customers truly feel about your product and your company is important. By getting those raw details, you can better tailor your services to better meet customer expectations. One of the most convenient ways to get this information is to ask your customers to fill out a survey—but rarely do customers take the initiative to do so. Want to boost your survey response rates? Keep reading for useful tips.

   Offer an Incentive

Most customers don’t respond to surveys simply because there is no reward for them. A very select few people are willing to spend their time completing a survey without any reward at the end. To entice your customers to partake in the survey, offer some sort of incentive. It could be a coupon, a free marketing item, or maybe an entry into a contest you’re running. By offering something for their time, customers are more likely to complete the survey.

   Keep It Short and Sweet

No one wants to take a survey that’s dozens of questions long. The survey you provide should be short and should only include the questions that you really need answers to. The survey should take no longer than 15 minutes and no more than 10 questions.

Aside from the length of the survey, ensure it’s designed with user-friendliness and ease of use in mind. If you’re sending an email with a link to the survey, be sure it’s a direct link. Responders shouldn’t have to click around to get started.

   Explain the Why

Sending a survey link without an explanation of the purpose of the survey can be confusing. When notifying your clients about the survey, be open as to why the survey was sent and what the responses will be used for. Customers are much more likely to respond if they know that their answers will be useful in some way.

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