March 10, 2022

Virtual Receptionists or Answering Services: How To Choose?

Virtual Receptionists or Answering Services on a cell phone

When you’re interacting with a prospect or a returning customer, especially when they’re inquiring about sales, it’s important to direct all your attention to them. At that moment, they are your most important customer. And if they feel valued, they’re more likely to keep coming back!

However, it’s understandable that you might not have the time to focus on improving customer experience and customer loyalty. This is exactly what virtual receptionists and answering services are for. They maintain a direct line between your business and your prospects or current customers.

Always Answer helps you determine the difference between virtual receptionists and answering services so you can make an informed decision on which to get for your business.

What Do Virtual Receptionists Do?

Simply put, live virtual receptionists answer calls on your behalf. Professional operators can customize their tone and approach based on your brand identity and how you want to address your customers or clients. They’re trained specifically to your business needs. They can answer calls, take messages, schedule appointments, and transfer calls to your business line without needing to operate on-site. They can use a script given or have more flexibility and follow the tone you want while using more customized words depending on the caller’s needs.

Virtual receptionists are a smart solution if you’re understaffed or if you want to improve the customer service experience. Virtual and remote receptionists also help you boost customer loyalty. Here’s how:

  • They can collect, compile, and send caller data straight to your CRM software. This way, you’ll have better insights into each customer and treat them with greater efficiency and empathy.
  • As the first line of communication with your customers or clients, virtual receptionists are trained to keep callers engaged and satisfied. They address inquiries, solve issues, and leave a positive impression.
  • Virtual receptionists know how to maintain a sense of professionalism that reflects on your business. They’re experienced in building customer relationships and nurturing leads.

What Are Call Answering Services?

It might be a challenge to answer every call when you’re busy addressing the core concerns of your organization and running day-to-day operations. But when you miss a call, you miss the opportunity to connect with new customers or maintain a good relationship with pre-existing ones. This is particularly important for medical and legal services that might be needed outside of regular office hours.

Consider looking into call answering services if the above situation is something you’re familiar with.

While virtual receptionists and answering services seem similar, they aren’t exactly the same. They have a different approach to calls, and they have a different effect on your business growth.

Answering services typically involve an off-site operator who receives inbound calls on your behalf. This way, callers can inquire about operating hours and get general information. They can also leave a message that can be passed on to you. Alternatively, you may opt for automated services that address common questions. Callers then have the option of speaking to an operator for more complex concerns.

This type of service makes sure your organization can handle large volumes of inbound calls. But it focuses only on customer response—having someone on the other end of the line—not necessarily on the overall customer experience.

Which Service Is Right for You?

Missing calls can equate to significant financial loss if the other person on the line is a potential investor or partner. It could also lead to lower customer satisfaction rates if people’s calls don’t come through.

By understanding the differences between virtual receptionists and customer answering services, you’ll be more confident in choosing the right service to address your business communication needs.

Whichever service you choose, the next step is hiring a provider who can tailor their solutions to align with your brand identity and meet your unique business needs. You’ll also want personalized communications that address your callers with the respect and attention they deserve.

Always Answer eliminates the worry of missing business calls and customer inquiries. We make sure all of your clients or customers feel respected and valued.

Contact us today for questions about customer answering services and live virtual receptionist services.