August 23, 2019

Is Your Small Business Prepared for Spikes in Call Volume?

Man talking on the phone after high call volume day

There are many reasons for a spike in call volume, but that doesn’t mean it’s any easier for your team to handle. Let’s take a look at the most common reasons these spikes happen, as well as how to best handle these upticks in calls – because even during busy hours, your callers and customers shouldn’t have to wait, and they should never get a busy signal!

Why Are You Having Call Volume Spikes?

Spikes in call volume normally mean one of two things: either your callers are dealing with similar problems, or your callers are dealing with similar schedules.

Both of these issues can create blocks and bottlenecks for your callers, employees, and even in-store customers – after all, if all of your team members are answering phones then there isn’t anyone to help your current customers.

Let’s dive into each problem before looking to the solutions.

Callers with Similar Problems:

If your callers are having similar problems with your product or service, then you might experience high call volume at similar times.

Is there a break in service or difficulty finding information online? Then your callers might need that information or have questions at similar times.

Some common questions that could be answered online instead of via phone calls are:

  • What are your hours?
  • Where are you located?
  • How do I activate my account?
  • How can I track my ___?
  • How does ___ work?

Callers with Similar Schedules:

Maybe your spike in call volume has nothing to do with your services or questions, as much as it has to do with your customers and their schedules.

Did you know that many call spikes happen after ‘normal working hours’ because that’s when your customers are out of work as well, and able to call and run their errands?

To battle this problem, you might need to look into some of the solutions below – and ultimately, employ an answering or call center.

How to Fix the Problem:

Between similar problems and similar call schedules, your call volume spikes need varied solutions that cover multiple bases, luckily, we have years of experience in creating and streamlining call handling times and strategies.

Assign Telephone Duties to Your Team

Sometimes, the answer is simple, and if your call spikes aren’t too dramatic, then simply assigning a team member to ‘phone duty’ could solve your call volume issue. However, if this spike is steep, then you may need to look at scheduling an additional team member during these times and assigning multiple to your phone lines.

Consider an Online FAQ Page

If many of your callers are asking questions that could more simply be answered online, then having a FAQ page (frequently asked questions) could be the simple solution. Maybe the ‘common problem’ that your callers are all having at similar times (like your location, hours, or other simply service and product questions) could be answered without a call at all.

Additionally, the beauty of an easily edited FAQ page means whenever you start getting a new question often, you can simply add it in. Many customers check your website before they call or visit now, which makes an FAQ page a great (and easy) solution to spikes in call volume.

Work on Timely Call Handling

Your spikes in call volume might not be all about the caller or their questions, but about your team members’ timely call management and handling. Use your data to see when your calls are coming in, how long they are lasting, and even a survey to learn what they are about.

Are they calling to learn about a new special but spending 8 minutes on the phone? Are they asking to be transferred but spending 3 minutes on the call before being sent to their ultimate destination?

Overly lengthy calls could be the true culprit of your bottleneck, not necessarily the call volume. Work with your team members to politely, but quickly, satisfy the calls that come in, especially during higher call volume windows.

Look into an Answering & Call Center

Of course, the final solution is to simply let professionals handle your highest call volume hours – whether that be after hours or during your peak business hours. Always Answer can easily handle any size spike in calls, as we employ a large workforce with the experience and history you need in order to serve your callers quickly, professionally, and with all the knowledge of your own staff.

Need Call Assistance? You Need Always Answer!

Always Answer are happy to help you handle your call volume spike, and we’re so sure you’ll love our services we even offer a 7-day free trial.

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