August 15, 2019

Your Business Needs 24/7 Live Agent Customer Support [8 Reasons]

Man on the phone with 24/7 Live Agent

From smartphones and automation to chatbots and more – the world of communication is constantly changing. But one thing still rises above all the rest, a real, live human voice greeting you, speaking to you, and treating you like a friend, not a customer or merely a number.

So, if you’re debating if your business needs 24/7 live agent customer support, read on to learn a few of the reasons you might not have considered.

1. A Real Voice is So Much Better Than Automation

This is a no-brainer – people like talking to people. Most people are so used to automation that when a real voice answers their call they are actually taken aback, surprised, just by the fact that they get to be treated like a real person by a real person. Let’s make this the norm, not the exception, and show your customers you care.

2. Show You Are Always Open for Business

In this day and age, you need to always be reachable, always be open, and always available for your customers – but you need time off too. So, what can you do? You can have 24/7 live support from a quality, local call center and have your cake and eat it, too (or, be available for your customers but relaxing at home, too).

3. Show Your Client’s Their Value

Being responsive, transparent, and friendly goes a long way in cultivating the right kind of relationship with your customers, clients, or potential clients. And having a real, live voice answer their calls any hour of any day shows you value them, their time, and their call. So, if a real live voice shows them their value…what does automation show them?

4. Tech Support When You Need It

Unfortunately, tech issues or customer support needs do not just happen during regular business hours, in fact, many tech or support issues happen in the evenings when your customers are home from work. But if they’re home from work, then most likely, so are you, which means you cannot help them with their product needs and questions. But we can – that’s the beauty of 24/7 live agent customer support, we’re here whenever your customers need us.

5. Provide Better Service & Better Answers

Automation is meant to streamline your call process, and it does help you – but not your callers. Provide better service and answers by having a real person on the phone with information or the ability to transfer the calls as needed, instead of waiting for instructions from an old voice recording or computer.

6. No Delay, No Frustrations

Again, automation is meant to save time (for you) but it actually wastes the time of your caller. Often, frustrations build as they wait to hear the number they need, the instructions they need, or even simply wait to run through all the options so they can finally speak to a real person and ask their question. Don’t waste your callers time just to save your own, instead

7. Emergencies Arise at All Hours of the Day

Just like tech support needs, emergencies can unexpectedly pop up at any and all hours of the day too. Live emergency dispatch services should be available 24/7 if you work in healthcare, property management, or other industries which can have emergencies arise in the middle of the night.

It’s always smart to have an on-call staff member, but 24/7 live support can be the perfect supplement and a great ‘gate-keeper’ for what truly constitutes an emergency.

8. 24/7 Appointment Scheduling & Confirmations

Forgotten appointments can be a huge drain on your business’s resources, luckily, with 24/7 live agents, we can not only schedule appointments whenever your clients call, but also confirm appointments in the mornings before open hours, or even in the evening the day before an appointment.

Appointment reminders mean fewer missed appointments, and fewer missed appointments mean less lost profit and wasted company time.

Does Your Business Need 24/7 Live Customer Support?

At Always Answer, we take the time to learn about your company, products, and services so we can naturally and honestly answer your callers’ questions 24/7 – because that’s what true customer support means to us. So, ditch the automation and opt for the more friendly, memorable, and convenient option for your callers – a 24/7 live agent customer support line.

If you need help with customer support or any of our 24/7 services, contact Always Answer today!