Customer Service Trends for 2022 & Beyond

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New trends are constantly springing up in every sphere of life, revolutionizing how we perform our day-to-day tasks. Usually, they mark a continuation of the trends from the previous year. But that’s not true for 2022. The COVID-19 pandemic changed our perception of time, money, and life. There are shifts in how customers behave and … Read more

How Outsourcing Customer Service Can Help You Cut Your Overhead Costs

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With the way the economy goes through ups and down in almost quick succession, It is hard to predict where it is headed. And with recent global developments, businesses need to whittle down costs to stay competitive.  Many enterprises turn to outsourcing to save resources. Specifically, a lot of businesses choose to outsource customer service. … Read more

Why Big Companies Outsource…& You Should Too

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Outsourcing continues to be a highly utilized tool among US companies. In fact, around 68% of US consumer product businesses outsource some of their workforce. Though outsourcing was seen as something used exclusively by large enterprises in its earliest years, it’s now commonly utilized by small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to gain an edge over their competition. … Read more

5 Ways to Deal With Call Volume Spikes

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If you’re experiencing spikes in call volume and can’t keep up, you’re losing out on business. Even if your representatives manage to take every call, the added stress will make them less productive, lowering their chances of successfully converting callers into customers. Fortunately, there are a few ways to deal with call volume spikes, lessen … Read more

Answering Services: How They Can Benefit Your Law Firm?

Answering Services for Law Firms in Texas

The success of a law firm greatly depends on how accessible you are to your clients. There are currently 1.3 million lawyers in the United States, and even though a quarter of them are based in New York and California, people across the country can easily call another lawyer nearby if you don’t pick up. … Read more

Virtual Receptionists or Answering Services: How To Choose?

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When you’re interacting with a prospect or a returning customer, especially when they’re inquiring about sales, it’s important to direct all your attention to them. At that moment, they are your most important customer. And if they feel valued, they’re more likely to keep coming back! However, it’s understandable that you might not have the … Read more

Employment Background Screening: How Your Company Benefits

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Unemployment rates continue to fall in the United States—employers added 433,000 workers in 2021, and economists are hopeful that there will be more job openings this year. However, despite employers’ efforts to hire qualified workers, the labor force participation rate is still below the 63.4% pre-pandemic participation rate. Many hope this will improve in the … Read more

The Benefits of Call Center Services for Startups

Call Center Services for Startups

According to a Deloitte study, businesses that put their clients first are 60% more profitable than their counterparts. This shows how important it is for businesses to be client-centric, which applies especially to startups. In a competitive market, one subpar experience with you and a customer can easily jump ship. As such, you need to … Read more

The Benefits of 24/7 Customer Support for Businesses

24/7 Customer Support for Businesses

Customers have plenty of expectations from businesses, and an excellent customer experience is at the top. In fact, according to PwC, 73% of customers point to experience as the most important factor in their purchasing decisions, while 65% said a positive experience with a brand is more effective than great advertising in getting them to … Read more

What Customers Expect from Businesses’ Customer Service in 2022

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Consumers have long been discerning about the customer service they receive, but the prolonged effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have exacerbated their need for excellence from businesses. Consider the following statistics: 93% of customers are more likely to purchase again from brands with excellent customer service 64% of consumers find customer experience more important than … Read more