March 21, 2019

13 Call Features You Need for Your Small Business

Woman looking at a computer for call features for your small business

The beauty of working with a veteran, tested and true call center and live answering service company like Always Answer, is that we have the experience and expertise, knowledge and foundation, history and varied services to meet any needs you may have.

Are you in a specific industry? Need a specific service or feature? Are you looking for event registration or a virtual receptionist, employee screening or customer support?

Whatever you need, we have had success with it in our past, and we would love to show you why we are the best.

And if you need a little more incentive – try us free for seven days! Or, if you are already sure, check out our pricing and give us a call at any of our locations.

Our Top 13 Call Features

Though we offer many call center services, live answering services, and call features for varied industries and small businesses, we wanted to let you know about our top 13, so you could have an easy overview of what we have to offer.

Need something else? I’m sure we do that too – because we do it all, and we do it well!


Everyone needs voicemail, from a Fortune 500 business to a small and local corner shop. If you work with others and don’t want to constantly answer your phone at every possible minute, then you need voicemail.

And though this is a simple service, it is one of our most important and top features. Simplicity is sometimes a wonderful thing, and our simple and seamless voicemail services prove this!

So, if you aren’t satisfied with your voicemail services, or never even thought of comparing other options, then see how we stack up (because we know it’ll be in our favor) today!

Toll-Free Numbers

Our toll-free numbers let us receive calls from anywhere in the US or Canada. That means you can reach a greater number of customers, and they can reach you.

If you want to extend your reach this year, then maybe an easy, simple toll-free number is the answer!

And when we say simple, we mean it! Always Answer can set up your business’ toll-free number quickly and easily, and keep it running smoothly all year long.

No more hassle, no more fees, just one easy number for your customers to reach you at, regardless of where they are.


Reporting capabilities can be a large factor in choosing the right call center for your small business or industry. Luckily, Always Answer loves numbers too.

We offer online statistics and custom automated reports, so you can know where your calls are coming from, when, and so much more!


Does a system or program every crash, rendering your business severely disabled for an hour, a day, or longer?

Not with Always Answer’ redundancy. We work to make sure that we keep our call systems, programs, order entry systems, and more up to date and protected.

You never have to miss or lose information again with our redundancy services.

Recorded Calls

Many of our customers need their patched calls recorded for quality assurance or training purposes. And though this is becoming more common, many are confused on how to go about creating this system.

Our agents are able to screen your calls per your instructions, then connect the caller to you and drop off the line, all while keeping it recorded for your future needs.

Simple, right?

Online Account Access

The internet is a great way to stay in contact with your potential, past, and current customers and clients. However, sometimes it’s more hassle than good, especially if your current call center or answering service doesn’t utilize online account access correctly.

Always Answer is happy to offer a variety of diverse tools online to make you and your business more efficient.

Need access to your statistics or records online? We can do that!

Live Call Transfer

Sometimes you need a personal touch. Luckily, that’s just what Always Answer offers.

While we do boast the best equipment in the industry, we also know that calls are ultimately about the people. That’s why our dispatch team is here to follow the relay instructions you give.

We can screen your calls based on the criteria you give us, then contact you or your on-call personnel to make sure that the message is delivered quickly and live.

Email, Fax, & Text Delivery

Of course, your management team needs to stay in the loop even after hours, as a business never sleeps if its customers aren’t.

That is why we offer emails, faxes or texts, even to multiple addresses or numbers, with recaps and reporting of all messages you received in your off hours – so you’ll never miss a beat, even in your sleep!

Custom Scripts

From custom scrips you create to ones our intelligent scripting software generates, we can come up with the perfect script for your industry, customer base, and business.

We can even program your website to pop up on our team’s screen as they talk with your callers to ensure they have all the information, right at their fingertips.

Custom Greetings

Would you like certain greeting standards to be kept or met? We understand and can go above and beyond to create (or learn) the perfect custom greeting for you.

Whether you already have one or would like our help in tailoring the best intro, we are here to assist in your unique greeting needs.

Bilingual Agents

Bilingual agents open your business to a larger pool of potential customers, as well as ensuring that your local community is represented and clearly communicated with.

What could be better than serving your community in its entirety and gaining a larger client pool while you’re at it?

24/7 Live Agents

There is just something special about calling a store or business and having a live voice answer, especially 24/7. No matter how large or small the business is, having a human on the other end connects you to your customers in a way that automation never could.

You can’t be waiting by the phone at all times – but we can. And we would love to be your business’ first impression.

Web On-Call Schedule

We offer two different levels of access for our web on-call schedule. This allows everyone on your team to see who is on the call but still provide only some with access to make changes.

With our split web on-call schedule access, you can be assured that your team is all in the loop, but don’t all have the ability to edit schedules.

It’s truly the best of both worlds.

Need Anything Else? We Probably Do That Too!

It’s unlikely that nothing above connects with your business or industry, but in case none of it does, check out our other services here! Or connect with us online to learn more.

We would love to find the perfect mix of services or features for you.

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