March 28, 2014

Visit Your Austin Call Center

When you decide to go local, there are many benefits. One most don’t consider is the ability to visit. You can tour your Austin call center to see how the calls are handled firsthand. There are a few signs to look for when you tour that tell you whether the call center should be your top choice.

Look for the Buzz

An inbound call center generally falls into one of two categories: buzz or quiet. You want to look for the buzz. This means customers are constantly calling to ask questions and order products. It generally means less time on hold and fast resolution, both of which raise customer satisfaction. If you find your center is quiet, you need to go elsewhere.

No Attitude, Please

After looking at the environment, consider the representatives. Each representative should be focused while exuding positive energy. Notice how calls are handled, but also how employees speak off the phone. This is telling of the atmosphere in your call center. If the workers are complaining or wandering, there is a lack of attention on your business and customers. This needs to be saved for breaks and not while on the floor.

Where Is the Manager?

Many industries utilize managers who sit at a desk. These people are easily accessible to workers and handling paperwork. At a call center, this doesn’t work. The manager needs to be walking the floor, motivating their employees, and taking calls as needed. A good manager is constantly evaluating their agents to ensure high quality service. If your manager is sitting, this may be a bad sign.

Like other industries, the environment of the workplace matters. When you opt for a local Austin call center, take the time to tour the facility. It can be telling of the service you and your customers are going to receive. There are no shortcuts to customer satisfaction, so don’t let your call center take any, either.