January 8, 2017

Why Use 24/7 Live Agents for City/Public Events?

Answering Service

So, you have been tasked to plan a city or public event for your company or nonprofit organization. There are several key strategies for planning the event and ensuring it is a success. Among these, recruiting the assistance of a qualified answering service should be at the top of your “to-do” list. Your “virtual” telephone operator will be essential for taking phone calls to answer inquiries about the event and other such tasks, based upon the type of event.

Public Marathons/Walk-a-Thons

Once word gets out from your advertising efforts, your phone lines will be lit up with people wanting to register for the event, asking about registration fees, parking, and so on.

Conferences/Trade Shows

Annual conferences and trade shows are a great draw to increase tourism within your city and provide like-minded people to gather to network with each other. Not only will you have to field calls for people who want to attend the conference or trade show, but also those businesses and individuals who want to participate and have a display booth or be a guest speaker.


Successful non-profits are well aware of the importance of having a properly staffed phone service to accept donations, register for events, and provide information for potential volunteers, as well as answer questions.

Other Outdoor Events (Parades, Concerts, Etc.)

For these types of events, you may find yourself spending a great amount of time in the field, at planning offices, in permit offices, and at other locations where you will not be next to your phone or able to handle the call volume.

Other Outdoor Events

Finding the right balance of temporary telephone agents—for these and other types of events—is difficult and often more expensive than outsourcing to the right company. Staffing levels are automatically adjusted based on peak and non-peak hours.

Furthermore, you never have to worry about calls going unanswered, as there is always a live person to take calls. To learn more about our 24/7 live agents and related services, contact Always Answer at 1-800-606-9898 to speak with a representative today!