The Costs of Hiring a Virtual Receptionist vs. an In-House Receptionist

Virtual Receptionist on the phone

Running a business means having teams of people attend phone calls, messages, appointments, and everything in between. Without a team to do all of these tasks, you might be at your wit’s end. That’s when virtual receptionists’ services come in more than handy. Of course, some businesses prefer hiring an in-house receptionist. Namely, there are … Read more

Business Continuity: Staffing During Inclement Weather with Live Receptionist Services

Live Receptionist Services, man on cell phone

Let’s set the scene: it’s a windy, rainy afternoon, a storm for the books and suddenly, with nothing more than a flicker and a zap, your power goes out. Pitch black, no telephones, no internet. What do you do? For a typical household, this marks an inconvenience and bustling about to grab the candles and … Read more