October 11, 2018

Business Continuity: Staffing During Inclement Weather with Live Receptionist Services

Live Receptionist Services, man on cell phone

Let’s set the scene: it’s a windy, rainy afternoon, a storm for the books and suddenly, with nothing more than a flicker and a zap, your power goes out.

Pitch black, no telephones, no internet. What do you do?

For a typical household, this marks an inconvenience and bustling about to grab the candles and flashlights. But for a business this is much more than an inconvenience – this is a lack of calls, clients, and therefore, profits.

How long will the power be out? How long until your clients can reach you? How long until you can get work done again?

The answers to these questions vary depending on the severity of the storm, but then what can you do as a business?

How can you beat Mother Nature and ensure that your business will still be available even during inclement weather?

With live reception services, of course.

Turn to Always Answer for all your live receptionist needs and never miss a call again because of a downed power line or a record-breaking storm.

Why You Need Live Receptionist Services During Inclement Weather

Did you know there have been multiple 100-year storms in the last calendar year in the US?

Did you know that this trend is expected to continue?

That means that your business is more at risk of losing customers now than ever simply because of extreme weather patterns.

With live receptionist services from Always Answer, you can be sure that our friendly and knowledgeable staff will answer your clients’ calls even when your power is out, your phones are down, and the winds are a-blowing.

Even Without Loss of Power, Live Receptionist Services Can Help

What if your lights and your power both stay on?

Do you still need live receptionist services during inclement weather?


If storms are starting and your business deals with safety, repairs or even deliveries, then your calls probably increase during inclement weather. And if those calls outnumber your available staff your clients could be out of luck or kept waiting.

To avoid this loss of business, consider live answering services during your heaviest call hours, days, or other routine peaks. Always Answer can work with you to find the perfect plan, so you only pay for the hours and calls we answer.

Our Process

When one of our team members picks up your call, they can follow a script made by you, follow a question sequence or simply transfer the call to the appropriate source.

Our skilled workers can determine what constitutes an emergency and either message you right away or take a message to be dealt with at another time. We can schedule appointments, confirm meetings, or even help with staffing inconsistencies.

Our process is as varied and individualized as your business, and we can work with you to find the right fit for your specific requirements, so you only pay for what you want and need.

Other Perks of Live Receptionist Services

Sometimes you just need a few more hands on deck or a few more team members on the floor. When this happens, you can count on Always Answer to be there to answer the calls that might otherwise be missed.

Each call has the potential to become new revenue, so don’t let a single one slip away. Live receptionist services have the potential to help your staff, clients, and bottom line all stay safe, even during unsafe weather.

Do You Need Live Receptionist Services?

Do you think live receptionist services sound like a godsend? Do you need a few extra calls answered throughout the day – especially during peak hours when your employees can’t quite keep up with all the calls?

Always Answer is always on and ready to serve your clients and you, giving them the individualized and personal connection they need in order to feel heard and important.

Give us a try with a free trial and see how much smoother we can make your daily business.

And don’t worry about it the next time severe weather strikes, because whether you experience a spike in calls, or no calls at all because of a loss of power, Personalized Communication is here to help keep your customers cared for.

Rain or shine, sleet or snow, Always Answer is on the phone!