December 28, 2018

Client Education: 3 Surprising Stats About Call Services for 2019

Woman on a call with call services

Did you know that 95.7% of call center clients view customer satisfaction as the most important aspect of customer service?

Seems straightforward enough, right?

But did you also know that only about 26% of call services customers say they believe customer support centers, or call centers, offer ‘great support’?

This is a huge disparity that Always Answer simply won’t stand for!

So, we studied, worked hard, and used 2018 to significantly raise our clients’ satisfaction – meaning our clients and customers answer far more positively than they do for the other call centers in Dallas.

The above statistics changed our entire business model and, in turn, our ratings, reviews, and customer service, and satisfaction.

And that is the power of statistics!

A Year in Call Service Statistics & the Benefits for Your Local Business

Though the statistics above about customer satisfaction in call services and call centers are impressive, there is much to learn from the other numbers of 2018.

Always Answer wants to use those numbers to constantly be improving, and we want you to do the same.

Read on to see the most insightful and useful stats of 2018 and learn with us how to apply them in the New Year.

Statistic #1: Over 80% of Your Customers Prefer Live Phone Calls

Yes, that’s right!

Four out of five of your customers still prefer live calls over emails, snail mail, text or even online chats.

This doesn’t mean that the internet isn’t taking over – it certainly is – but many customers still prefer talking to a human being the old-fashioned way: voice to voice.

This is a huge statistic for both our business and yours, as it means that your clients and customers want to speak to you in a direct way.

And though technology can help in this, a call center with 24/7 live support, multiple options, add-ons, and highly trained associates is still the best way to serve your customer base and their ever-evolving needs.

Statistic #2: Speed Matters More Than Ever Before

The top two spots that customers report as necessary for ‘excellent service’ both have to do with speed.

  1. Ability to reach an agent quickly (45%)
  2. Ability to resolve the issue quickly (42%)

But in the modern day that hardly seems surprising.

What is surprising is that the third spot requires a live agent, even in this time of efficiency, automation, and speed.

  1. Ability to interact with a live person (40%)

This shows that it isn’t all about speed, but also about the service, the connection, and the interaction.

Don’t let your desire to bring fast service undermine your customer service, satisfaction or the desires of your clients.

A call center or call services is the perfect marriage of all of the above ‘big three’ spots. Remember that, and your customers will be smiling all year long.

Statistic #3: It’s About Satisfaction, Not Revenue

One of the biggest changes over the past year (and continuing from recent years prior) is the shift to customer satisfaction over revenue.

But wait, didn’t we just say speed is most important? How can two things both be in that number one spot?

Really, these two statistics go hand in hand, and we learned that you have to listen to the customer to give them what they want, to bring about true customer service and satisfaction.

Customers want speed, so giving your clients speed gives us better satisfaction rates.

The push for customer satisfaction is up 59% over the past two years. Whereas the emphasis on first call problem resolution is up 43% and the emphasis on cost-effectiveness is only up 36% in call services.

This means call services and call centers are striving to improve every year, but we are focusing more and more on customer satisfaction than on cost-effectiveness.

Keep this in mind in your next year and keep Always Answer in mind for all your call center or call service needs!

Call Centers & Services for the New Year in Dallas, San Antonio, Houston, and Amarillo

Always Answer has worked hard in our last year to bring the very best in speed, service and customer satisfaction to our clients.

We strive to constantly improve, and one of the ways we do this is by studying the numbers above, applying them, and setting higher and higher goals for ourselves each and every year.

Let’s make 2019 the best year yet for you, your business and your customers.

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