July 12, 2019

Customer Support VS Customer Experience: Is Your Call Center Delivering on Both?

Man on the phone with customer support in Dallas

Customer support and customer experience might sound similar, but they actually can cover different aspects of your customer’s time with you. And though many call centers offer customer service (or customer support) they might not be delivering a great customer experience, too.

Always Answer thinks that customer support without a great experience, or vice versa, misses the mark in the modern-day answering service and call center industry.

Let’s learn about each term, the differences, and what your call center should be doing to meet the needs of your customers and callers in both areas.

Upgrade Your Customer Support

Customer support includes all services which are meant to help your customer use a product or service. Essentially, it should encompass assistance, training, troubleshooting, upgrading, answering, and planning.

Here is the Google snippet for customer support that pulls up, from the all-knowing Wikipedia:

This is all fine and good, what does customer support mean in regard to your call center, their agents, and your customer’s experience? Let’s look at it through the Always Answer lens.

“Our customer support offers you and your clients professional agents to manage all your company’s outsourcing and receptionist customer service needs.”

Did you catch that? Customer support is essentially customer service – meaning, whatever your customer needs when they call, they should be able to get. Whether that be a quick answer, directions, troubleshooting, or a transfer, people don’t want to wait for their answers in the fast-paced, high-technology world of telecommunications.

And that’s exactly why Always Answer is recognized as an industry leader in call center outsourcing services – providing trained customer service professionals to answer all of your callers’ customer support and customer service needs.

Upgrade Your Customer Experience

But if all of the above is about customer support and service – then what’s left for customer experience?

Let’s look at another Google snippet from Hotjar to compare and contrast customer experience with what was mentioned above:

Ah, see the difference? Customer support/service is about helping the customer with a problem, but customer experience is about making their entire interaction with your company a pleasant one – even if there is no support needed or problem to solve.

This means you need a friendly (human) voice answering the phone, easy communication avenues like chat features, contact us pages, emails, and phone numbers on your site or Google My Business profile.

User experience can go far beyond customer service, calling, or online interactions though, as user experience (UX) is really about everything from branding and perception, to service and products.

What Should Your Call Center Provide?

Of course, one of the biggest selling points in choosing a call center is that your out-of-store customer support and service is taken care of, but also a large portion of your out-of-store customer experience is taken care of.

Customer experience takes place in four general arenas – online, in-store, through advertisements, and over the phone. This means that you can cover 25% of your customer’s experience (and almost all of your customer support) simply by choosing a call center that offers high-quality service to each and every caller.

Can your call center deliver?

Check out a few of our guides about how to choose the best call center for your industry, area, and customer needs – because, in the end, it’s all about the service your customers get and the experience they leave with.

Customer experience can make or break a great company – let’s make sure your customers and callers are wowed with each and every interaction!

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