June 9, 2014

What Do Customers Really Want?

It’s easy to get wrapped up in marketing plans, budget requirements, and all of the other aspects of marketing products or services. When was the last time you stopped and asked yourself, “What do my customers really want?”

As it turns out, the answers to this question are surprisingly simple, and when you can communicate these customer service needs to your call center, you can see immensely improved customer service ratings.

Customers Want Customer Service to Have a Good Attitude

Is your entire call center focused on meeting your speed goals? Handling ten calls every half hour is nice, unless five of those callers hang up unsatisfied and angry. Studies show that customers are content to wait, so long as the answering service has a good attitude once they do get on the phone.

Customers Want Simplicity

Are your programs and plans too complicated for customers to easily understand? Offering lots of features seems nice, until the customer can’t understand what they are ordering or are expected to pay for. Make sure loyalty programs and other company offerings are simple, straightforward, easy to explain, and simple to grasp by the average consumer.

Customers Want Personalized Service

In a busy world, it’s too easy to treat customers like account numbers. Companies with the highest satisfaction ratings are those who find ways to personalize the call center experience. For example, train employees to use the names of callers throughout the call, not just when they verify the account information. Offer special discounts, features, or services that are catered to the preferences of individual customers. Customers love using companies that make the experience personal to them.

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